What are the preventive measures for genital herpes?

What are the preventive measures for genital herpes?

The current incidence of genital herpes is very high, and the infection is also very strong, so many people have been affected by this disease. Anyone in life has the possibility of suffering from this disease. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to prevent genital herpes, then the genitals.What are the preventive measures for herpes?
Here are some precautions for genital herpes, I hope to help everyone.
Preventive measures for genital herpes 1. Wash in time after sexual behavior.
After sexual intercourse, timely cleaning can reduce the chance of contracting genital herpes, because genital herpes virus takes a considerable amount of time to enter the intradermal reproduction and infection, if cleaned in time, it may be cleared before the pathogen has not yet “stationary”.
2. Personal items must be used separately.
In addition to sexual contact, genital herpes can be transmitted indirectly through daily necessities, so it is recommended that you pay attention to some personal necessities that are easily overlooked, such as toothbrushes, razors and shaving knives.
3. Avoid unclean sexual intercourse and improper sexual relations.
The main route of transmission of genital herpes is sexual contact. Therefore, experts point out that as long as they are self-love, unruly, not prostitution, avoid extramarital sex, and only have sex with a sexual partner, they can basically prevent genital herpes.Dissemination, this is the most basic and most effective way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as genital herpes.
4. Use condoms for sex life.
This method is simple and reliable. According to the researchers, the use of condoms can reduce the risk of genital herpes infection by more than 70%. This is because the condom separates the genital skin and mucous membranes of both sides, thus reducing the risk of genital herpes infection.
Through the above introduction, we have already understood the measures to prevent genital herpes, and we must pay attention to prevent this disease in our daily life.
Don’t interact with many people and have sex, reduce your chances of suffering from this disease. I hope the above can help everyone.

Old people go out 10 things can not be less


Old people go out 10 things can not be less

Old people should pay special attention to safety when going out, it is best to prepare the following 10 items.

  sports shoes.

“Out-of-the-way shoes should be tight, and home shoes should be wide.

“When going out, the shoes should be light and non-slip.

It is best to penetrate a gas-skinned sneaker or a flat-bottomed shoe with a sole thickness of 1.

2 cm is appropriate.

  Contact card.

Older friends, especially those with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other diseases, carry a “contact card” to carry with them.

The “contact card” on the old man’s name, address, contact telephone and disease history, medication history, once lost or accidents, others can promptly rescue and contact family members.

  Convenient pill box.

High blood pressure, coronary heart disease patients with anti-fainting, myocardial infarction and other emergencies, should carry a small pill box, which is loaded with nitroglycerin, quick-acting rescue pills, antihypertensive drugs and other first-aid drugs, with small labels and takingExplain that armor is rescued at the time of acceleration when it is dangerous.


For the elderly and stroke patients with poor eyesight and joints, it is best to take a crutches when going out, not only to prevent falls, but also to detect obstacles in front.

The bottom of the crutches must have a rubber mat to ensure that the ground is light and stable.

  Special mobile phone for the elderly.

A simple and clear screen display, large font, loud voice, able to set up children, 120, 110 and other emergency number shortcuts, also installed a mobile phone with GPS positioning system, is an essential item for the elderly to go out.


The elderly are weak and not suitable for long-term exercise. They need to rest at any time. Carrying a lightweight sponge cushion can prevent the body from getting cold and protect the bones.


It is best for the elderly to develop the habit of wearing a hat.

Wear a cool hat in the summer, shelter from the sun; wear a wool cap in winter to prevent cold.

The hat should not be too tight, the cap should not be too long, especially not completely cover the ears, so as not to interfere with sight and hearing.


Wearing a watch can avoid accidents caused by forgetting to rush home.

Some smart watches can measure the pulse, heartbeat and other data of the elderly, and will send out help alarms in case of emergency, as well as GPS positioning.


Old people are prone to fatigue, bring some change to take the bus, take a taxi, or buy food, water and other necessities.

There is not much cash, so it is best to bring a few 10 yuan and 1 yuan change.

  Reading glasses, hearing aids.

When you are old, you may not be able to see the obstacles on the ground and you can’t hear the car. At this time, reading glasses and hearing aids can help.

What is good for the elderly to help sleep?

What is the sleep aid for the elderly?

Click to buy the old friend’s sleep time, but as long as the daily sleep time is not less than 6 hours, don’t worry.

If older friends feel that they have a good night’s sleep but have poor sleep quality, then the sleep channel recommends that you have a sleep conditioning.

Appropriate exercise can improve sleep problems in the elderly and improve the quality of sleep for the elderly.

So, what are the sleep aids for the elderly?

What are the precautions for the elderly to help sleep?

  Often doing aerobic exercise can help improve insomnia, the elderly help sleep exercise recommended experts said that aerobic exercise can significantly improve the quality of sleep in patients with insomnia.

Compared with other non-drug treatment index, the sleep time of insomniacs who regularly perform aerobic exercise will also prolong.

  1, walking is the easiest and safest body to help sleep people exercise when the body temperature rises, the human brain will get a signal to lower body temperature, lower body temperature and then lower will make people relax, you can easily go to sleep quickly.

But this is also time-limited. It should not be too close to sleeping time. It is best to go for three hours before going to bed. You can’t take a walk immediately after eating, so it is best to control the meal time before 7:00.

Walking during this time period is conducive to promoting the blood circulation of the whole body, and can also relieve the emotions.

  2, Tai Chi to improve the sleep problem of the elderly In practicing Tai Chi, practitioners are required to ensure that the thoughts are concentrated, the movements are soft, slow, round, and coherent. This requirement enables both the spirit and the body to relax and rest at the same time, while regulating the cerebral cortex andThe autonomic nervous system has a good effect, so that it can exert therapeutic effects on insomnia and dreams.

In addition, practicing Tai Chi can adjust the neurological activities, restore the highly nervous state of mind, and achieve balance between yin and yang. It is through training and training, so that it can treat neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia, and restlessness.

  Scientific research has shown that the contraction and contraction of the whole body skeletal muscle during tai chi can strengthen blood circulation.

More importantly, due to muscle movement, alternating coronary reflex expansion, increased myocardial capillary opening, adequate supply of oxygen, enhanced myocardial nutrition, increased systolic function, and expansion of the capillary network in the skin, muscles, and internal organs.Lower blood pressure can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergencies at night.

  Taijiquan can adjust the neurological activities, restore the highly nervous state of mind, and balance the yin and yang.

Therefore, by training and training, you can treat neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia, and restlessness.

  It can be seen that practicing Tai Chi before going to bed can not only improve sleep, but also make a variety of diseases. It is a superior method for health care for middle-aged and elderly people.

  3, Japanese elderly help sleep life according to Taiwan’s “Health” magazine reported that this simple gymnastics designed by the Japanese Ryukyu University and the National Spiritual Center of Japan, combined with abdominal breathing and physical discomfort, to improve the elderly’s sleep is veryhelpful.

  Section 1 – Active neck: The head leans forward until it feels a little tight for 10 seconds.

Do it once and for all.

  Section 2 – Stimulation, active buttocks muscles: slowly lift the shoulders, then suddenly relax, return to the original position, and repeat 10 times.

  Section III – Thoracic Fracture: Hold your hands behind your back and reduce your chest for 10 seconds.

  Section 4 – Pressing the palm: The hands are flat on the chest.

Inhale, apply force to the middle when exhaling, repeat 10 times.

  Section 5 – Stretching the Backs: Grab the same side of the chair with both hands and slowly twist the upper body for 10 seconds, then do it again in the opposite direction.

  Section 6 – Bending the toes and stimulating the brain: Straighten your feet forward, lift them up, bend your toes toward your feet, then suddenly relax and repeat 10 times.

  The middle-aged and elderly people with better physical strength should combine aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise.

When exercising outdoors, the elderly mainly focus on light exercise aerobic exercise in the evening. They can jog, or social dance, aerobics, etc., promote digestion and rapid blood circulation. The time is about 1 hour, so don’t do it.Bite oxygen movement.

  Elderly exercise sleep aids The proper rules of exercise habits help sleep, but it is best to complete before 5 pm.

  Remind old friends that after exercise, do not take off your coat immediately, try to avoid the stimulation of cold air on the elderly.

At this time, old friends can use their hands to heat up, before and after the body up and down, especially the Zusanli and Yongquan points, and the waist is also focused on the squat for a while, so the effect of the exercise will be better.

Autumn health comprehensive talk

Autumn health comprehensive talk

The combination of man and nature is one of the essence of TCM theory. It represents the harmony between man and nature.

Therefore, people’s life activities should adapt to changes in nature, and health methods should be adjusted according to the season.

  It is not appropriate to fall in the fall. The “Pipe” records: “The autumn yin begins, so everything is collected.

“Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that all things in the year follow the rules of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

The “Traditional Four-Years” in the “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics” in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine says: “Autumn March, this is Rong Ping.

The weather is urgent, the atmosphere is clear; the early morning and early rise, and the chickens are booming; the Zhian Ning, to slow down the autumn; the convergence of the spirit, make the autumn calm; no external ambition, so that the lungs are clear, this autumn shouldThe way to raise money is also.

“The general idea is that the three months of autumn are the seasons for the harvest of all things.”

The weather is fine, windy and rainy, the ground is relatively dry; we should go to bed early and get up early, and start a day’s work when the chicken is called; psychological adjustment should pay attention to keep the emotions calm, not eager, calm, to avoid the fall chillBecause it should be “received” in the autumn, it should also pay attention to “receiving” in the body’s spirits, instead of “explosion” as in the summer, so that it is in line with the “capacity” of autumn, in line with the fallThe way to raise.

  Diet Qingrun Yangfei Yin autumn diet should implement the principle of “less spleen and more acid”, sour taste astringent lungs, pungent taste divergent lungs.

Autumn should not be scattered, so you should eat less scallions, ginger, garlic, leeks and peppers, and eat more sour and sweet fruits such as pears, lemons, apples, olives, grapes, alfalfa, pomegranates.Hawthorn, sugar cane, plum, etc.

On the food, you should choose more sweet and moist products, such as glutinous rice, white radish, winter melon, duck meat, pig lungs, squid, scallops, etc.

  Get up early and get up early. “Autumn March. Get up early and get up early, and enjoy the chicken.

“Early lying, in order to conform to the collection of Yin Jing, to raise the “receive” gas.

Get up early, in order to adapt to the yang’s long, so that the lungs can stretch.

In the autumn morning, the oxygen content in the air is high. The elderly should get up early and vomit the new ones. In the autumn night, the temperature will turn cold. The elderly should sleep early and replenish, help the yin to accumulate and keep the human body yin and yang.

  Spiritual peace and tranquility, the sunshine in autumn is reduced, the flowers and trees are dying, often causing people to touch the scene, and the heart produces sadness, depression, irritability and other emotional changes. The elderly are especially prone to coveted feelings.

Therefore, there is the saying of “autumn autumn and autumn rain”.

At this time, people should maintain peace and tranquility to adapt to the calmness of autumn.

Older people should actively participate in social activities within their ability to maintain an optimistic mood.

  In the summer, the body’s “qi and blood” is distributed to the body surface, and in the autumn, it begins to “collect” from the body surface to the internal organs.

In fact, in the autumn, the elderly are not suitable for military sports.

However, if you usually exercise well, there is no need to stick to the rules. You must change the usual amount of exercise to a small amount of exercise.

  Suitable for middle-aged and older people to exercise with aerobics, such as jogging, walking, climbing and so on.

The time of exercise is more than half an hour.

Taijiquan (knife, sword), Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi, Qigong and other traditional projects are also better choices.

In addition, it is especially necessary to do a sorting exercise, which is conducive to the excessive dissipation of blood during the convergence exercise.

  It is hot at noon in the autumn, cool in the morning and evening. Although it is “spring and autumn and frozen”, it is not necessarily forbidden to “freeze” when it is old.

Therefore, when you go out in the morning, you should wear more clothes and practice hot. You can put some clothes properly.

When you are resting, you should put on your coat to prevent catching a cold.

If you plan to wash your face with cold water or take a cold water bath in winter, you should start from the beginning of the autumn, and stick to it every day. If it is interrupted, it will be laborious to stick to it.

  Beware of diseases to avoid autumn dryness, lower temperature, skin vasoconstriction, heavy heart and lung burden, high blood pressure, hypertension gradually come to the door.

Chinese medicine believes that the autumn “dry” gas is ordered, the temperature is reduced, the air is reduced, dry, cold air is easy to stimulate the respiratory tract.

Drink plenty of water to protect the respiratory mucosa.

If the “dryness” is excessive, it will become a dry evil.

“Drying evil” is a causative factor that invades the lungs. The main symptom is coughing.

To prevent the “dryness” violation, it is necessary to improve the resistance of the lungs. It is an effective method to nourish Yin and moistening dryness. It can properly consume lily, white fungus, yam, sweet almond, ginkgo, mangosteen, honey, rock sugar and so on.

Massage and thin waist make the waist one foot eight

Massage and thin waist make the waist one foot eight

The “atypical” massage method without hands does not use both hands, and the massage effect is achieved by the movement and friction of the body. The massage is moderately exercised while the massage is performed, and the exercise massage is not hindered.

Note: The abdomen should be bulged when doing the squatting action.

  Step 1: Prone on the ground, separate the legs, relax the body, open the elbows, gently stack the two hands under the lower jaw, pay attention to relax, do not use force.

  Step 2: Keep the whole body relaxed, let the abdomen adhere to the floor tightly, and then squat up and down 10 times each time around the navel.

  Step 3: The heel is raised and the toes are forced to make the thighs hang.

Rub the navel in the longitudinal direction.

Do it 10 times up, down, left and right.

  Efficacy: It can improve blood circulation in the abdomen and enhance digestion and absorption in the body.

Reduce the excess aunt on the abdomen.

Adhere to the special acupuncture points on the abdomen and massage with the meridian movements, plus the regular exercise massage. In the midsummer, you can naturally wear the navel dress with confidence!

  The thin waist massage method can quickly eliminate the slightness of the abdomen, and can also strengthen the body, and has the effect of auxiliary treatment for various diseases such as the digestive system and the nervous system, so naturally there is a relatively unique method.

Adding a “massage cream” at the same time as the massage may have unexpected effects!

  Technique 1: The thumb stacking method overlaps the two thumbs up and down, and inserts in the abdomen and related acupoints. The weight of the pressing should be felt by the fingers, and the part that is massaged does not feel pain.

  Technique 2: Wave push method The two fingers are close together, naturally straight, one palm is placed on the back of the other palm, the right hand is down, and the left hand is on.

In the lower palm and fingers flatten the abdomen, push forward hard, then press the palm of your hand backwards, push it back, move slowly from top to bottom, like the spray in the water, hence the name.

  Other methods recommended: surprise report 12 hours waist speed reduction 3cm blowing 10 balloons per day can be reduced by 1 inch waist waist acupressure massage abdominal massage is not a simple stomach, choose the basic acupoints to implement massage, will cause twice the result with half the effort, so that you canMore confidently revealing a small waist.

  Acupuncture point 1: about 4 inches above the navel of the midline of the abdomen in the middle of the acupoint.

  Acupoint 2: The abdomen of the abdomen is about 1 inch above the navel.

(Massage moisture points to prevent excess water in the body, to avoid edema, and can help the gastrointestinal motility, exercise the abdominal muscles, avoid the protrusion of the lower abdomen) Acupoint 3: Qihai abdomen in the middle of the abdomen below the navel.

5 inches.

  Acupoint 4: Guanyuan abdomen is about 3 inches below the navel in the midline of the abdomen.

  (Massage gas sea, Guanyuan points can effectively suppress appetite, which is conducive to a slight even distribution of the abdomen; while massage Tianshu points can help digestion, venting, promote gastrointestinal motility, waste excretion, of course, more conducive to eliminating excess meat in the lower abdomen.

Acupoint five: about 3 inches below the navel of the waterway, about two inches from the left and right sides of the Guanyuan point.

  Acupoint 6: Tianzhu acupoints on both sides of the navel are about 2 inches on both sides, focusing on Zuo Tianshu.

  Acupoint massage method and time: lying on the bed every morning and evening, first by the way 2 from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen 3?
4 times, and then massage the above 6 acupoints in turn by technique 1 and technique 2, each massaged for 2 minutes each.

  Other methods recommended: correct diet to make the waist down 10cm fasting drink yogurt cream waist and then a small circle of meridian speed fast pass in addition to focus on the acupoint massage, and the body’s meridian progress massage, it can also make you shorten the farewell to the small belly.

Related Live Intestine Method – Reducing the Intestines One Month Live Intestine Movement Meridian 1 Hands are placed on the liver area (near the 11th and 12th ribs on the right), clockwise and counterclockwise for 50 laps;On the spleen area (near the 11th and 12th ribs), the clockwise rotation was also 50 times.

  Meridian 2 takes the navel as the center, draws a question mark counterclockwise in the abdomen, massages in the direction of the question mark, first press the right side, then press the top, each massage 30?
50 times.

  Meridian 3 hands and fingers from the lower abdomen to the abdomen vertical grasp, lift the abdominal muscles 8 times; then grab the left and right horizontal 8 times (lifted down for a grasp).

Warm winter, winter health

Warm winter, winter health

The winter health articles are just like the autumn winds in Yantai.

The winter in Yantai has quietly come to the summer wind. You vaguely remember that the winter wind has already roared. The small partners in the north may be accustomed to the small partners in the south.Staying in the warm sun in the south, no matter how north and south, how to spend the winter in Yantai is a problem we all face together. Let us talk about the winter health regimen today @云南的小阔爱”Yunnan is very different. After all, the latitude is so much different, and the difference in temperature is definitely big.

Before I came to feel that Yantai was north, it would be very cold. When I came here, I found it colder than I thought.

Although Yantai is close to the sea, I have not realized the impact of the sea on the climate, and the dam of the sea is not damaging to me, hahaha.

“@临沂’s Miss Sister” because they are all in Shandong, so I don’t feel much difference. I feel that the environment here is better. The biggest difference is that the wind is too big.

I feel that my preparation for winter is similar to that at home. I need to buy cotton jackets, cotton shoes, earmuffs, and warm clothing.

.I think it is best not to exercise every hour in the winter to pay attention to moisturizing, but also to thoroughly drink hot water to prevent cold and cold.

Yantai and Fujian are also coastal cities. The sea breeze in Yantai makes me feel that the sea in Fujian is a fake sea. When I was videotaping with my mother, she wore short sleeves to eat watermelon on the screen, and I was wearing cotton jacket wrapped in cotton here.Be.

I didn’t prepare for the winter here. I felt that the winter in the north was very dry. The sea breeze was uncomfortable. I don’t know much about what winter needs to pay attention to. I think the biggest problem is to keep warm.

– A small pot friend of Fujian said: “The body is the capital of the revolution.”

Only with a good body, can we learn hard and develop better, and we can usher in a better tomorrow!

01 three do not eat article 1.

In autumn and winter, pay attention to not eating cold things.

Iced drinks, oysters and other cold foods will stimulate the stomach, causing disharmony between the spleen and stomach, resulting in insufficient yang in the body and heavy moisture.


In autumn and winter, pay attention to eating less or not eating spicy things.

Barbecue, chili, ginger, pepper and other foods should be eaten as little as possible, especially ginger.

The ancient book has a cloud “within one year, the autumn does not eat ginger; within one day, the night does not eat ginger.”


In autumn and winter, many people have weak gastrointestinal functions. If you eat too much meat and greasy food, it is not good for your health.

Pay attention to heat and moistening, you can eat some duck meat, fish, yam, lily, etc., both to heat, but also tonic.

02 four do not make a fuss 1.

In autumn and winter, the bathing time should not be too long, otherwise the oil on the surface of some skin will be lost, and the skin will be more dry, which will cause wrinkles and dehydration.


Refuse to anaerobic in winter, it is suitable to do more aerobic exercise, such as hiking and walking Tai Chi.


In the autumn and winter, you should go to bed early and get up early, don’t stay up late.

Ensuring adequate sleep is important for human health.


Don’t be overly sad. “Because the autumn is sorrowful and lonely, everything is dying in autumn and winter.”

People will have sadness.

To learn to relax, to meet troubles, remember not to dig into the horns, everything has to be thought of.

03 five accompanying articles 1, friends with 2, tea with 3, books with 4, moving with 5, laughing with winter snow, just by wearing a few more clothes can not be well protected, only to keep warm, a lot of exercise canToo cold.

Let us keep warm together.

PART 01 eats a lot of high-quality foods, supplements should supplement calorie nutrients, such as oil, a small amount, protein, to improve the body’s tolerance to low temperature.
In particular, consider supplementing food supplements such as lean meat, chicken and duck, eggs, fish, milk, beans and their products.
PART 02 morning service hot porridge, dinner should be diet, to nourish the stomach.

When it’s cold, get up early in the morning and drink a bowl of hot porridge, which can help keep warm, increase your body’s ability to keep out the cold, and prevent colds.

For people with sore throat and inflamed pain, warm porridge can moisturize the throat and relieve discomfort.

PART 03 friends who are cold-handed in the winter will not hinder the action of “dry-cleaning hands”, that is, hands rub against each other, friction and heat, promote blood circulation and prevent cold.

PART 04 winter dress must have a certain number of pieces and a suitable thickness.

The down jacket has a certain thickness, and the pores of the wool fabric are not straight, which can bring a comfortable clothing microclimate.

Leather clothing can almost block the air convection inside the clothes, and wear leather when going out in winter to ensure the best warmth.

Dressing is not too tight.

The collar is tightened and the contracted blood vessels are compressed, so that the nutrients delivered to the brain and the eyes are reduced. The boots affect the vision and affect the normal activities of the cervical vertebrae, which easily leads to cervical spondylosis.

PART 05 insists on washing your feet with warm water every day. It is best to massage and stimulate your feet at the same time.

Walk for more than half an hour every day, activities and feet.

In the morning and evening, stick to your feet to improve blood circulation.

Content from: (Yantai University Journal) Editor: (Guan Fengjuan)

Rubbing your lips and irritating dermatitis, strength!

Rubbing your lips and irritating dermatitis, strength!

Normal people’s lips are rosy, moderately wet and dry, lubricated with light, and if it affects health because of fatigue, the lips will give you a signal in time.

After getting up in the morning, take a look at the lips called grooming and learn about your health!

  Lip color whitish: common in anemia and blood loss.

  The upper lip is pale and panic: there will be symptoms such as large intestine deficiency, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal cramps, chills, cold and heat.

  The lower lip is pale: for the stomach to be cold, there will be vomiting and diarrhea, cold in the stomach, stomach pain and so on.

  Lip color is reddish: mostly blood deficiency or qi and blood deficiency, to supplement nutrition.

  Lip color dark red: common in fever.

  Lip color is blue: blood is not smooth, susceptible to acute diseases, especially vascular lesions, such as vascular embolism, stroke and other acute diseases.

  Lip color black: lip color dark, mostly digestive system disease, such as constipation, diarrhea, lower abdomen pain, headache, insomnia, loss of appetite, etc.; if there are black plaques on the lips, pigmentation on the lips, common in chronicAdrenal insufficiency.

  Work, work or work, you often feel dry, especially when you work day, your lips are dry and dry, and applying a lot of lip balm will not help.

  Experts who lick their lips and are harmful to the skin say that rubbing your lips with your tongue during the dry season can cause two problems.

First, it will cause inflammation of the lips.

When you lick your lips with your tongue, you will leave saliva in your lips.

Saliva contains a variety of enzymes that help digestion. There are two enzymes, one called amylase and the other called maltase, which causes inflammation of the lips. This is because the two enzymes remaining on the lips are equal toDigest the skin.”

  Another consequence of licking the lips is the widespread irritant dermatitis, which is also caused by saliva.

Experts explained that in fact, unlike people’s imagination, licking your lips does not make your lips moist.

  Because when the lips are rubbed with the tongue, the water will evaporate, and when it evaporates, it will take away the moisture that is already tight in the lips, making the lips feel more dry.

Then there is the vicious circle that dries more and more, and the more dry and dry, and finally causes the consequences of eczema in the lips.

However, this “eczema” is not “wet” or “dry”, and the skin that becomes the corner of the mouth becomes rough and has a different color from the surrounding skin.

  Experts say that licking lips is not only harmful to the skin around the lips, but also unsightly in public.

The solution to the chapped lips is to use anti-cracking lip balm, and women can use moisturizing lip balm.

Use lipstick to prevent the moisture in the skin from spreading and evaporating. It can also protect your lips from the “indecent” of saliva when you subconsciously lick your lips.

  Lips are not good habits around the population and the lips will appear chapped, or a small amount of bleeding, medically known as angular cheilitis, lips are easy to chapped, most of them have the habit of loving lips.

In winter and spring, the climate is dry, the water in the lips evaporates, and the local humidity is reduced. When the cold air is encountered, the lips are easily cracked.

After a long time, it may cause complications such as chronic cheilitis.

Health knowledge that everyone should know

Health knowledge that everyone should know


Brewing at home is very dangerous.

One is wine and the other is a so-called fruit enzyme.

It usually turns into a bottle of medium mixed with endotoxin and various bacteria.


Natural vitamins are no better than synthetic vitamins.

If you add vitamins, the pharmacy is enough for two yuan and one hundred.


It is useless to make up the body and only drink soup.

Many people like to stew a variety of soups, I think the soup is very tonic, in fact, the main nutrients are still in the meat, want to nutrition, must eat soup, in addition, bone soup can not make calcium, which is all aunt.


After the injury, do not apply any powdery things to the wound.


Try not to rely on emergency contraception for contraception.

Eating too much has a great impact on the body.


Living in hotels and the like is generally not infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

The pathogen of sexually transmitted diseases is very fragile and will quickly deactivate after leaving the body.


Antibiotics must be used in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

Bacterial infectivity occurs because bacteria cannot be completely killed by antibiotics, and the remaining part of the bacteria leads to an alternative dominant species.


Soymilk does not replace milk.

More beneficial is milk.

Some people have lactose intolerance and can choose yogurt.


It is very important to inject a rabies vaccine after being bitten.

The lethal rate of rabies is almost 100%, and an effective preventive measure is vaccination.


The flu vaccine is safe and effective, and it is best for the elderly and children to get vaccinated on time.


Ear piercing must be careful.

People with scars are advised not to fight. Once an infection occurs, it is likely to become a chronic infection that follows your life.

Walking, freewheeling health trip

Walking, freewheeling health trip

As the saying goes: “Winter practice 39, summer practice three volts”, summer heat is sultry, the human body consumption is particularly large, the aging of various organs is more obvious than other seasons, the summer insists on exercise, the anti-aging effect will be more significant.

Experts believe that summer heat, necessary exercise is essential, but high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood pressure patients and their high-risk groups, we must choose a relaxed exercise, so that the body gradually adapt to the high consumption of high temperatures.

Walking this simple aerobic exercise is sought after by many people because it is not limited by time, environment, and better fitness.

  Walking – Freedom of the summer sports, more work, pressure, and young and middle-aged white-collar workers who like to stay up late, because walking is the sport they are most likely to engage in.

Compared to climbing, swimming, playing badminton and other sports, walking is not restricted by the venue, even in the spacious office, office lobby, community garden can start sports immediately; compared to the gym, walking is not restricted by the environment, in the commuteOn the way, take one or two stops and go to work on foot.

  Older people with three high-grade diseases are chasing the walk, because the scientific walk, without time limit, can avoid the hot summer days.

On a cool night and early morning, you can do it in the clean and community gardens.

The right amount of exercise will not cause any discomfort to them.

  Most importantly, the health benefits of simple walking are unmatched by other sports.

  Walking – an effective means of reducing fat for health Sports medicine practitioners have repeatedly told people the benefits of walking: for young and middle-aged people, continuous striding can increase energy consumption in the body and promote excess use in the body.

White-collar workers who have too much food and too much pressure and too much pressure can get the effect of losing weight and calm the blood pressure at the risk if they can walk and control their diet properly.

For the elderly, daily high blood pressure walking can significantly improve the nutrition of the heart, so that a series of anti-atherosclerotic substances are produced in the blood of the body, which reduces the possibility of cardiovascular disease.

  Experts in the summer ideal walking program pointed out that the summer walking exercise should be scientific, timely, appropriate and appropriate.

  Timely: In order to avoid excessive consumption and burning damage to the body by the athletes, it is best to avoid outdoor activities after 10 am to 4 pm when the weather is cool in the morning or evening.

  Moderate: The human body consumes too much in the summer and the physical reserves are relatively weak, so it advocates lightweight walking.

However, in order for adults to be effectively consumed, walking must achieve a certain level of exercise, otherwise it will be useless.

For the elderly, it is necessary to walk more than 60 steps per minute, and continuous walking must be more than 10 minutes. This kind of walking makes sense.

Young and middle-aged people should maintain a moderate intensity when walking, that is, they must walk at a walking intensity of more than 100 steps per minute for 20-30 minutes.

So how can you accurately and accurately understand whether you are walking effectively?

This requires re-aligning the walking management tools such as the Omron Pedometer to accurately monitor the walker’s exercise intensity and exercise time, effectively helping people manage their health.

  Appropriate: Try to get fresh air, let people watch the comfortable place to walk, such as parks, lakes, courtyards and other cool and ventilated places.

This way, when you walk, you will feel happy, and you will be willing to use the military as a healthy lifestyle.

Can allergic purpura be cured?

What are the factors that influence the prognosis –

Can allergic purpura be cured?
What are the factors that influence the prognosis?

After getting allergic purpura, I believe that many people will take the initiative to understand the common sense of some diseases, and when they understand the repeatability and severity of the disease, they will worry about whether the disease can be cured.

So can allergic purpura be cured?

Let’s take a look at it.

Can allergic purpura be cured?

As long as patients with allergic purpura with skin manifestations can be cured, but because allergic purpura patients are allergic, some children may have repeated rashes, as long as the two consecutive?
Three years of recurrence of allergic purpura, parents are very painful.

Therefore, here, patients and parents should recognize that: 1, the recurrence of allergic purpura, mainly because the patient’s physical condition is relatively special, should try to avoid contact with factors that may induce recurrence of allergic purpura, do a good job of prevention.

2, the occurrence of allergic purpura is related to the patient’s own immune imbalance disorder. To avoid the disease or prevent recurrence, it is necessary to regulate the immune mechanism from the root cause and reduce the possibility of recurrence.

Whether patients with renal allergic purpura can be cured mainly by nephropathy, a small number of patients with renal allergic purpura, some in the acute phase of acute progressive nephritis or more serious nephrotic syndrome, can be converted to chronic nephritis, renal functionIf you decline, such a child will have a prolonged illness, and such a child must be actively treated.

Factors affecting the prognosis of allergic purpura: In addition to the severity of the onset of purpuric nephritis, there is a very important factor that can also affect the prognosis, that is, the care of the child during the recovery period of nephritis is thoughtful.

If the child often has various infections, often tired, allergies, it may lead to increased hematuria proteinuria, or new kidney damage, which may also cause impaired renal function and affect prognosis.