[How to make braised pork]_How to make_How to make

[How to make braised pork]_How to make_How to make

Speaking of braised pork, this is a hard dish that belongs to every family. When the living conditions were not good in the past, it can only be eaten during the New Year’s Day. Nowadays, life is good. You can do it whenever you want., But the love of braised pork has not changed at all. Although everyone’s method of making braised pork is different, but it makes it have different feelings. Today I will tell you how to make braised pork is the best.

1. 800 grams of pork belly, 15 grams of star anise, 1 slice of fragrant leaves, 50 grams of onion segments, 30 grams of ginger slices, 20 grams of caster sugar, appropriate amount of salt, 25 grams of soy sauce, 30 grams of rice wine, 25 grams of rock sugar, and 15 grams of peanut oil.

First cut the pork belly into two.

5 cm square blocks.

Use cold pan.

2. Remove and control the water for future use. Pour on the wok and pour in the required oil.

Pour in fine sugar and stir fry the sugar to a light yellow.

3, after cooking, add rice wine, pour in soy sauce and stir-fry, braised pork, stir-fry until the rice wine evaporates, and the soy sauce is evenly absorbed on the pieces of meat.Just cut the meat flat.

Then, add onion segments, ginger slices, and fragrant leaves.

4. Add rock sugar and braised meat at the end. Cover the pot and cook over low heat for 30-40 minutes. After the meat is cooked, pick out the green onions, ginger, star anise, and fragrant leaves, put salt, and then use the heatjuice.

The soup can be cleaned out of the pan. When the juice is collected, you can save the extra oil for other purposes. The oil tastes very fragrant and can be used for other purposes.

Tips: 1. When making braised pork, it should not be too small when cutting, because after the finished product, the meat will shrink nearly twice, so you must know the size of the meat when cutting.

2. When the meat is tight with water to remove odors, use a cold water pot, and use boiling water when cooking. If you master this method, the meat will be very fragrant, otherwise, the taste and taste will be bad.

3. You can add or not salt. Salt is used for taste. If you feel it is too sweet, you can add less salt. Soy sauce is very salty, so you don’t need to put salt.

The finished product is slightly salty and sweet, but too sweet or too salty is not good.

[Efficacy and role of Rob Rock Candy]_Benefits_Necessary

钀濆崪鏄敓娲讳腑寰堝父瑙佺殑涓€绉嶉鏉愶紝瀹冩湰韬瘜鍚緢澶氱淮鐢熺礌鍜岀⒊姘村寲鍚堢墿锛屽浜庝汉浠韩浣撳仴搴锋湁寰堝ぇ鐨勫府鍔╋紝钀濆崪闄や簡鍙互鐢ㄦ潵鍋氳彍浠ュ锛屽緢澶氫汉涔熷枩娆㈢敓鍚冭悵鍗滐紝鍥犱负浠栧埄浜庢秷楗辫儉閫氫究锛屼絾涔熸湁鐨勪汉鍠滄鍚ц悵鍗滃拰鍐扮硸娣峰湪涓€璧峰仛鎴愯悵鍗滃啺绯栵紝寰堝浜洪兘鐭ラ亾浠栧娌荤枟涓€浜涚柧鐥呮湁鏁堟灉锛岄偅涔堣悵鍗滃啺绯栧叿浣撴湁閭d簺鍔熸晥鍜屼綔鐢ㄥ憿锛熷啺绯栫櫧钀濆崪鐨勫姛鏁堢鏈啲鍒濓紝鏃╀笂鎴戜滑浠庡簥涓婃噿娲嬫磱璧锋潵鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鎬昏寰楀枆鍜欏共骞茬殑锛岀敋鑷冲姞涓婅鍘岀殑闆鹃溇澶╋紝鏁翠釜浜洪兘涓嶅ソ浜嗐€傛墍浠ワWhat is the difference between the umbrella and the chain? Is there a slippery flaw in the chain?鑲洪儴鍦ㄧ珛鍐互鍚庤鐗瑰埆鍙楀埌鍛垫姢锛屽鈥滃啲鍚冪櫧钀濆崪鈥濈殑璇存硶鏄湁涓€瀹氫緷鎹殑銆傜壒鍒槸鍐扮硸鐧借悵鍗滐紝鍐扮硸鍏锋湁鐢熸触娑﹁偤鐨勪綔鐢紝鎼厤鐧借悵鍗滃仛鎴愮敎鍝侊紝鑳藉娑﹁偤鐨勫悓鏃讹紝杩樿兘鐢熸触銆佸埄灏裤€佹鼎鐕ャ€傛澶栵紝鐧借悵鍗滀腑瀵屽惈缁寸敓绱犲拰纾枫€侀搧绛夌熆鐗╄川鍏冪礌锛屽啺绯栫櫧钀濆崪鍙互璋冩暣鑳冭偁锛屽悓鏃惰繕鍏锋湁娑堢値鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傚鏋滄偅鏈夎交搴︾殑鑲虹儹鍜冲椊鎮h€呬笉濡ㄥ悆涓€浜涘啺绯栫櫧钀濆崪楗€傝€屼笖锛屾渶璁╀汉鍏虫敞鐨勬槸锛岀櫧钀濆崪涓殑鑺ュ瓙娌瑰拰鑿滆嫹锛岃兘涓庡绉嶉叾鍙戠敓浣滅敤锛屽舰鎴愬叿鏈夎緵杈e懗鐨勬姉鐧屾垚鍒嗐€傚洜姝わ紝鐧借悵鍗滆秺杈o紝杩欑鎴愬垎瓒婂锛岄槻鐧屾€ц兘瓒婂ソ銆?鍐扮硸鐧借悵鍗滄€庝箞鍋氭瘡閫㈢鏈啲鍒濈殑鏃跺€欙紝閮芥槸鈥滆悵鍗滀笂甯傦紝閮庝腑涓嬪矖鈥濈殑鏃跺€欏摝!Sorry, don’t you think it’s a good idea? Lou Jianqiang borrowed a lot of money and patents?鐧借悵鍗滃彲浠ョ敓娲ユ鼎鑲恒€佹鍜虫鼎鍠夛紝鍦ㄧ鍐鑺傚悆閭f槸鏈€濂戒笉杩囦簡銆備笅闈负澶у浠嬬粛涓€鐪嬫鼎鐕ュソ椋熷搧鈥斺€斿啺绯栫櫧钀濆崪鍑嗗鏉愭枡锛氱櫧钀濆崪1鏍癸紝鍐扮硸15鍏嬶紝哚 傝 湝 10 姣  崌 岭 桶 硶 Ad?銆佸皢鐧借悵鍗滃幓鐨悗娲楀噣锛屽垏鎴愯鏁寸殑鍦嗘煴浣撳鐢ㄣ€?銆佺敤灏忓垁鍦ㄦ瘡涓€涓櫧钀濆崪鍦嗘煴浣撶殑涓棿鎸栧嚭涓€涓唴楂樹负2/3鐨勬礊銆?銆佸皢鍐扮硸鏁叉垚灏忕鍧楋紝鏀惧叆娲為噷闈€?銆佸噯澶囪捀閿咃紝鏀惧叆鐧借悵鍗滃渾鏌变綋闅旀按钂革紝寮€澶х伀缁忚繃30鍒嗛挓灏卞彲浠ヤ簡銆?銆佺劧鍚庡皢鐧借悵鍗滄嬁鍑烘潵锛屾斁鍑夊悗锛屽啀寰€姣忎釜鐧借悵鍗滈噷闈㈠姞鍏ヨ渹铚滐紝鐒跺悗灏卞彲浠ュ悆钀濆崪鍜岄噷闈㈢殑涓滆タ浜?

[Suqian snacks]_How to eat_How to eat

[Suqian snacks]_How to eat_How to eat

When we travel to a region, we hope to taste the unique local snacks. Now the snacks are more uniform across the country, and the characteristics of each city are sold. It is difficult to distinguish what is a local snack. I want to go to SuqianIt’s better to taste the red grapes, which are very good varieties and have been cultivated long ago. They also include special snacks such as crystal hawthorn cakes, which are very delicious.

Suqian Suxiao red grapes: common black grapes.

Brewing grapes from ancient times.

The cultivation of small black grapes was first seen in the “Suqian County Chronicle” in 1901. At that time, there were many continuous scaffolding cultivation around the area of Banbidian (now Chuanxing) in Yangbei.

Suqian iron ball hawthorn: also known as hemp ball, is produced along the old road of the Yellow River, the branch of the foothills of Maling Mountain, Caiji, and Zaohe Township. It was cultivated around 1570 (Ming Dynasty).

The fruit is round, red, sweet and sour.

Suqian Crystal Hawthorn Cake: It is rose-colored and crystal clear. It can be seen on the paper through the cake body, like a red crystal.

The taste is delicate, sweet and sour.

On the hands, it seems elastic.

There are appetizers and digestion, blood circulation and stasis, and it has certain effects on cardiovascular diseases.

According to legend, the people of Suqian created in 2000 in memory of Xiang Yu, the king of Western Chu, and their initial name was “Bawang cake”.

“Yellow dog” pig head meat: It was founded by the famous folk teacher Huang De (yellow dog named Huang Puppy), and it is called “yellow dog” pig head meat, which has a history of more than 200 years.

The meat is ruddy in color, rich in flavor, the fat is rancid, the refined meat is fragrant, and the taste is pure and positive.

Emperor Qianlong went down to the south of the Yangtze River and tasted this meat very much.

It is also called “Qianlong Laotang”.

Suqian Daylily: The flowers are thick, thick and neat, uniform in length, light yellow in color, dry and shiny, firm and soft, not rotten for a long time, and slightly brittle.

There are excellent dishes such as large dishes, large bird’s beak, and rhubarb shell.

Suqian spiced kohlrabi: It is called five kinds of spices such as cumin, pepper, cloves, star anise and cinnamon.

Production began in the late Ming Dynasty.

Luoma Lake Silverfish: The silverfish is slender, bright like silver, without bulbs, tender and delicious meat, with color, fragrance and flavor, which is really the best in fish.

Frozen fresh anchovies are exported to provinces and cities.

  Buzi wheel cake is a kind of food that the Qianlong emperor enjoyed when he came to Jiangnan. It is fragrant and sweet, crispy and crisp, with complex technology and unique taste.It is the “old-fashioned” food in Jiangsu Province and is well-known both inside and outside the province.

There are glutinous stuffing, vegetarian stuffing, and bean paste stuffing, which nourish yin and aphrodisiac, and have high quality and low price.

[Cough, phlegm and more anti-inflammatory drugs]_Cold_How to use medicine

[Cough, phlegm and more anti-inflammatory drugs]_Cold_How to use medicine

Upper respiratory tract infections are prone to cough or sputum problems, and these minor diseases are prone to inflammation.

If it is fatal, it will cause a cold or a more serious problem.

Cough and sputum are mostly caused by bacterial infection or virus invasion, and once organ complications occur, the severity of this matter is relatively large, so we must pay attention to timely treatment when there are problems with cough and sputum.

What is upper respiratory tract infection?

Is it a cold?

Upper respiratory tract infection, referred to as upper sensation, refers to viruses (because of the complications of the infection), bacteria, smash, and parasites invading the nose, throat, and throat, causing acute inflammation.

Is the most common infectious disease, accounting for more than half of acute respiratory diseases.

Usually the disease is mild, the course is short, it can heal itself, and the prognosis is good.

The common cold (commonly known as cold) is the most common type of upper respiratory tract infection.

In addition, upper respiratory tract infections include influenza, viral pharyngitis, herpes angina, pharyngeal conjunctivitis, bacterial pharyngeal tonsillitis, and so on.

What are the symptoms of upper respiratory infections?

Common symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, fatigue, and fever.

How to treat upper respiratory infections?

Upper respiratory tract infections currently do not have specific antiviral drugs, usually symptomatic treatment. At the same time pay more attention to rest, drink plenty of water, quit smoking, maintain air circulation, supplement nutrition, and exercise.

(1) Patients with severe symptomatic treatment or fever may be appropriately replaced with antipyretic and analgesics such as aspirin and acetaminophen.

Sore throat can be treated with local nebulization. Nasal congestion and runny nose can be treated with ephedrine.

(2) Antibacterial drug treatment When there is a bacterial infection, antibiotics such as penicillin, first-generation cephalosporins, spiramycin, and ofloxacin can be selected.

If it is just a viral infection, antibiotics are generally not used.

How to deal with plantar fasciitis?

1. Give your sick feet a full rest.

In severe cases, it is necessary to reduce foot activities, including walking and climbing.

2. Your doctor will suggest you take anti-inflammatory drugs orally, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.

These medications can help relieve pain and inflammation.

For patients over 65 years of age, this type of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug is usually taken for 7 days without the advice of a doctor.

Put your feet on the ice pack to relax once a day, and every few minutes will help.

3. Make the foot pads soft.

Try to wear sneakers during work activities.

Heel pads can also be used to protect the heel.

Heel pads need to pay attention to use: wear both feet at the same time, to ensure uniform stress on the left and right.

It is very helpful for overweight adults and seniors.

4. For patients with special arches, it is recommended to use foot braces or orthopedic shoes, which need to be customized or selected according to size.

Such braces or orthopedic shoes are particularly helpful for patients with flat or high arched feet.

5, when sleeping, it is recommended to wear to prevent limb deformation, not to allow the plantar to relax excessively, causing the plantar fascia to contract and shrink to reduce the symptoms of morning pain.

6. If the pain has not been relieved according to the method described above, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for professional physical therapy.

Individualized physical therapy helps you to fully reduce the plantar fascia, strengthen the calf muscle strength, and stabilize the insertion of joints and heels.

Sometimes the treating doctor will recommend the use of an adhesive support strap to support the sole of the foot.

In addition, you can choose local injection of hormone therapy to achieve local anti-inflammatory effect.

7. Except for individual refractory pain, surgical treatment is generally not required.The latest treatment method currently uses extracorporeal low-energy shock waves to treat plantar fasciitis, which is a non-invasive and safe treatment method.

The use of extracorporeal shock waves to locally produce cavitation effects, damage tissues, promote repair of new blood vessels and fibers, and achieve therapeutic goals with significant effects.

There are dual applications for professional sports teams and national sports centers in China.

[Can rabbit meat and crabs be eaten together]_Rabbit meat_Can you eat them together

[Can rabbit meat and crabs be eaten together]_Rabbit meat_Can you eat them together

There are many foods in life that have good nutritional value, such as rabbit meat and crab, etc. In order to obtain more nutritional value, many people will eat these two foods at the same time. This is easy.Diarrhea occurs because crabs are cold and rabbit meat is hot. The two foods are opposite each other. Let’s take a closer look at how rabbit meat and crab can be eaten together?

First, can rabbit meat and crab be eaten together?

Crabs are not delicious, nutritious and delicious, but too many people will experience abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting after eating crabs. This is usually caused by not paying attention to the details when eating crabs.

What can’t you eat after eating crab?

Crabs should not be eaten with sweet potatoes, pumpkin, honey, oranges, pears, pomegranates, tomatoes, melon, peanuts, snails, celery, persimmons, rabbit meat, nepeta; eating cold drinks that are not edible for crabs can cause diarrhea.

Second, it is best not to eat roasted sweet potatoes and boiled crabs. Some may have diarrhea, and some may have stones.

The reason why you ca n’t eat honey after eating crabs is that these two foods are mainly cold, and people with bad turbo roads are prone to diarrhea.

Do not eat persimmons after eating crabs.

It is already recorded in “Drinking to Eat”.

Crabs and persimmons are cold things, so eating them together can easily hurt the spleen and stomach, and those with weak constitutions should pay attention.

In addition, persimmon contains high acid and crab protein residues. When they meet, they will solidify into fermented acid protein, which is not easy to digest and prevents digestive function. If the food stays in the intestine for fermentation, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etcFood poisoning.

Third, it is the same as persimmon. You can’t eat pears after eating crabs. Tao Hongjing’s “Famous Doctors’ Records” states: “Pears are cold and sharp, and they eat more and hurt people.”

Like the persimmons mentioned above, the pears are sweet and cold, and the crabs are also cold. At the same time, it is easy to hurt the stomach.

Don’t eat peanuts after eating crabs.

Peanut has a sweet taste, and a small amount of 45%, is a greasy food.

Greasy things can cause diarrhea when they are cold and profitable, so you ca n’t eat peanuts after eating crabs. People with weak stomachs should keep in mind that they do n’t want to hurt their appetite.

Can rabbit meat and crab be eaten together?

Rabbits cannot eat rabbit meat, and the same food can cause food poisoning.

Don’t drink cold drinks after eating crab.

Cold drinks such as ice water and ice cream are cold things, which cause the gastrointestinal temperature to decrease.

Drinking cold drinks after eating crabs will definitely cause diarrhea.

Therefore, do not drink cold drinks while eating crabs, and do not drink cold drinks immediately after eating crabs.

[How to cook leftover roast duck]_Overnight_How to make

[How to cook leftover roast duck]_Overnight_How to make

Sometimes we ca n’t finish the roast duck once we eat it. It ‘s not fresh anymore if we eat it the second time. It ‘s a pity to lose it. So many people are distressed.

In fact, you can change the way you eat leftover roast duck. Some kinds of soup can be made into soup, and the soup is simple and delicious. You only need to add a little seasoning.

In addition, you can fry the leftover roast duck and eat it.

Can be made into duck with salt and pepper!

Cut the roast duck into 2 cm pieces first!

Dip it with raw flour, and use less flour!

The oil is heated to 70%, and the duck pieces are fried and loose, and then put a little salt and pepper. You can also put it in the soup. You can also cut the duck into pieces, stir it with water, and then boil a pot of boiling water to put the duck, Cook for about fifteen minutes, and season with some vegetables!

Leftovers Roasted duck fried pancake material Pie skin 6 pieces Roasted duck Half green onion Right amount Onion Half gherkin Right amount Sweet noodle sauce Right amount Spicy oil Half a small spoon Method: 1. Prepare ingredients.

Cut the crust into strips, shred the duck, shred the onion, shallot, and cucumber into sections.

Blend sweet noodle sauce with spicy oil. If it’s too thick, add some water.

2. Put the duck skin in the oven and bake it.

Shred for future use.

3, hot oil pan, put the shallots, onions and stir-fry first, and then throw them into duck meat.

Stir fry over high heat for 2 minutes.

4. Finally, decorate the roasted duck skin and cucumber.

Extended information: Roast duck is a famous food in Beijing. It is famous both at home and abroad for its red color, tender meat, mellow taste, and fat but not greasy.

Flavor characteristics: slightly yellow in color, soft and fragrant. It is used for engulfing other vegetarian foods. It is a commonly used pastry for banquets and is a home-style snack.

Roasted duck has a long history and originated from the Northern and Southern Dynasties of China. At that time, the duck was already recorded in “Shi Zhen Lu”.

After Zhu Yuanzhang built Nanjing, the Ming Palace imperial chef made it from Nanjing’s thick and fleshy lake ducks.

In order to increase the flavor of duck dishes, the chef roasts with charcoal fire. After the dishes are cooked, the ducks taste crispy, fat but not greasy, and they are praised by the court as “roast duck”.

The variety of food slimming and breast enhancement is the best of both worlds.

The variety of food slimming and breast enhancement is the best of both worlds.

Breast Enhancement Food One: Soybean increases soy food has a certain benefit for breast health.

Because soy and foods made from soy contain isoflavones, this substance can reduce estrogen levels in women and reduce complications.

If you eat two meals of soy-containing food every day, some tofu, soy milk, etc., will be very beneficial to your breast health.

Breast enhancement diet food 2: edible fungus white fungus, black fungus, mushrooms, monkey head mushroom, cockroach and other foods, is a natural biological response modifier, can enhance the body’s immunity, and has anti-cancer effect.

Studies have shown that eating more edible fungi can add points to women’s breast health.

Breast enhancement diet three: kelp kelp is a large edible algae, for women, both beauty, hair, slimming and other health effects, but also help treat breast hyperplasia.

The study found that the reason why kelp has the effect of alleviating breast hyperplasia is that it is rich in iodine, which can cause ovarian follicular luteinization, which can adjust the endocrine disorders and reduce the risk of breast hyperplasia in women.

Breast Enhancement Food Four: nuts, seed food seeds, nut foods including lecithin-containing soybeans, peanuts, etc., rich in protein-based almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, etc., which are rich in antioxidants, can cause anti-cancer effects.
Moreover, nuts and seed foods can increase the body’s replacement for vitamin E, while the intake of vitamin E can make tissues more elastic.

Breast enhancement diet food five: fish and seafood yellow croaker, turtle, loach, octopus, octopus, squid, sea cucumber, oysters and kelp, seaweed, etc., these essential trace elements, have a unique role in protecting the breast.

Breast Enhancement Food Six: Milk and Dairy Products Milk and dairy products are rich in calcium, which is good for breast health.

Breast Enhancement Food Seven: various fruit grapes, kiwi, lemon, strawberry, citrus, fig, etc., in addition to women rich in multivitamins, also get antioxidant substances.

Breast Enhancement Food Eight: Vegetables and vegetables are properly matched with the staple food, which is good for your health. If you eat enough vegetables every day, eat more tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, garlic, onions, asparagus, cucumber, loofah, radish andSome green leafy vegetables, etc., are very helpful in maintaining the health of the breast.

Breast enhancement diet food nine: cereal grains such as wheat (flour), corn and some miscellaneous grains are often eaten, have a health effect on the breast.

Wheat is rich in soluble and insoluble cellulose. Soluble cellulose helps the body lower cholesterol. Insoluble cellulose helps prevent cancer. Corn is recognized by nutrition experts as the best breast food.

Can allergic purpura be cured?

What are the factors that influence the prognosis –

Can allergic purpura be cured?
What are the factors that influence the prognosis?

After getting allergic purpura, I believe that many people will take the initiative to understand the common sense of some diseases, and when they understand the repeatability and severity of the disease, they will worry about whether the disease can be cured.

So can allergic purpura be cured?

Let’s take a look at it.

Can allergic purpura be cured?

As long as patients with allergic purpura with skin manifestations can be cured, but because allergic purpura patients are allergic, some children may have repeated rashes, as long as the two consecutive?
Three years of recurrence of allergic purpura, parents are very painful.

Therefore, here, patients and parents should recognize that: 1, the recurrence of allergic purpura, mainly because the patient’s physical condition is relatively special, should try to avoid contact with factors that may induce recurrence of allergic purpura, do a good job of prevention.

2, the occurrence of allergic purpura is related to the patient’s own immune imbalance disorder. To avoid the disease or prevent recurrence, it is necessary to regulate the immune mechanism from the root cause and reduce the possibility of recurrence.

Whether patients with renal allergic purpura can be cured mainly by nephropathy, a small number of patients with renal allergic purpura, some in the acute phase of acute progressive nephritis or more serious nephrotic syndrome, can be converted to chronic nephritis, renal functionIf you decline, such a child will have a prolonged illness, and such a child must be actively treated.

Factors affecting the prognosis of allergic purpura: In addition to the severity of the onset of purpuric nephritis, there is a very important factor that can also affect the prognosis, that is, the care of the child during the recovery period of nephritis is thoughtful.

If the child often has various infections, often tired, allergies, it may lead to increased hematuria proteinuria, or new kidney damage, which may also cause impaired renal function and affect prognosis.