Huaibei Mining (600985): The profitability of East China coal coke leader is prominent and the forecast advantage is obvious

Huaibei Mining (600985): The profitability of East China coal coke leader is prominent and the forecast advantage is obvious

Company profile: Huaibei Mining Group, the controlling shareholder, injected high-quality assets, and the coal coke leader in East China reorganized the listed company, formerly known as Lei Mingkehua. The original main business was commercial explosion. The revenue was relatively stable, but the market development became more difficult.

In August 2018, which lasted a year, through a series of operations such as asset reorganization, the controlling shareholder Huaibei Mining Group’s coal coke asset main body Huai Mine shares were successfully listed. The listed company was also renamed Huaibei Mining. At present, coal, coal chemicalThe “one main and one auxiliary” business structure is mainly based on product production and sales, supplemented by civilian explosive products and related services.

The coal and coke assets injected into the listed company’s Huaishan Coal Mine are of better quality, and at the same time, the integrated operation of coal and coke has strong profitability.

According to the acquisition report, the mining rights assets of Huai Mining Co., Ltd. promised to gradually realize a net profit of RMB 76 from 2018 to 2020.

04 billion.

After gradual adjustment, Huaibei Mining realized net profit attributable to mothers in 201835.

5 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

1% (adjusted for the same period in 2017 to 28.

800 million), ROE is 20.


Coal business: Coking coal resources account for a relatively high proportion, reserve coal mine resources focus on Inner Mongolia, progress in exploration rights transactions in Shaanxi Province. The four major coal companies in Anhui Province have their own characteristics, and their competitive advantages continue. The controlling shareholder Huaibei Mining Group has the advantage of a high proportion of coking coal resources.

The overall scale of the coal-injected Huai Mine coal business is at the mid-stream level of similar A-share companies. The recoverable coal reserves, between production capacity, production and sales and other indicators, are between Lu’an Huaneng and Xishan Coal and Electricity. Ton of coal is sold to similar companies.Forefront.

The company is currently in trial operation of Jianxin Lake Coal Mine in 2020. Reserve coal mine resources focus on Inner Mongolia and the progress of exploration right transactions in Shaanxi.

At present, the listed company has decided to apply for the new establishment of the Inner Mongolia Dongsheng Taokutu Minefield Prospecting Right. According to the company announcement, the Inner Mongolia Department of Land and Resources has approved the new application of the Taohutu Wellfield Prospecting Right and submitted it to the Ministry of Natural Resources. It is currently waiting for natural resourcesMinistry approval.

In addition, the controlling shareholder Huaibei Mining Group has the exploration and exploration rights in Gugucheng Exploration Area in Shaanxi Province. According to the Thunderming Chemical Acquisition Report, the National Development and Reform Commission has not yet issued the approval document for the development and construction project of the Gucheng Exploration Area in Fugu, and the relevant procedures are being processed.After obtaining the relevant approval documents of the National Development and Reform Commission, Huai Mining will officially start the acquisition.

Coking business: Coal coking integrated operation, scale and profitability are at the forefront of the industry, Lintong Coking Phase III gradually expands and extends the industrial chain According to the acquisition report, the company’s coking business is currently operated by Lintong Coking, using 8 55-hole 6 Rice top-loading coal coke ovens and four coke-quenching coke ovens produce coke, and coke oven gas produces methanol. The total scale is to produce 440 esters of coke, co-production of 40 esters of methanol, coal tar 30, and crude benzene 8 instead.

The overall coking equipment and production technology are at the advanced level in the industry, and environmental protection equipment installation standards have also been met. It is located in East China and has obvious geographical advantages. It will continue to benefit from the withdrawal of independent coking capacity in Jiangsu in the future.

At present, Lintong Coking’s overall coke production capacity and ton of coke profitability are at the forefront of the industry. According to the company’s annual report, the production and sales of coke will be replaced by 380 and 386 in 2018, and it will gradually reach production in 2019.

In addition, according to the speech given by Fang Liangcai, the general manager of the controlling shareholder Huaibei Mining Group, at the 2019 working conference, as the third phase project of Lintong Coking, the million-ton carbon-based new material sub-project will gradually develop in 2019, and the company’s coking industry chain is expected to further develop in the future.extend.

Overall point of view: The industry structure of East China coal coke has enhanced profitability and obvious advantages. 合肥夜网 The short-term coal coke steel industry chain will gradually enter the peak demand season, and coal coke prices are expected to stabilize and recover. In the medium and long term, the supply and demand of the coal industry will be maintained in the next few years.Basically, coal prices are expected to continue to run at a high level.

The size of the company, through asset reorganization, the controlling shareholder Huaibei Mining Group’s high-quality coal coke assets are injected into listed companies, and the scale of asset performance commitments injected from 2018 to 2020, and the long-term growth of the company is also worthy of attention.And the controlling shareholder Huaibei Mining Group internal Mongolia, Shaanxi coal exploration right transaction progress.

The company’s profits are mainly coal and coking 深圳桑拿网 business, and other businesses are mainly coal trading, material procurement and other businesses. This part of the business is large in revenue but the proportion of profit contribution is small and relatively stable. It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021 will be 35.

8.1 billion, 36.

4.5 billion and 36.

51 ppm, with a fully diluted EPS of 1.

65 yuan, 1.

68 yuan and 1.

68 yuan, corresponding to the closing price on March 29, dynamic PE is 7 respectively.

2X, 7.

0X and 7.

0X, and the company’s current PE (TTM) is 7.

2 times, it is estimated to be the lowest in the coking coal sector (the existing coking coal industry PE (TTM) itself is 10).

9 times).

The company’s asset quality and profitability are at the forefront of the industry. We believe the company has room for improvement. We give the company a 9x PE valuation, which corresponds to a reasonable value of 14.

8 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: downstream demand is lower than expected, coal coke prices fall more than expected, safety accidents occur in coal mines, environmental protection and production limit upgrades, and the progress of prospecting rights exceeds expectations;

[How long can steamed frozen buns be cooked]_How to steam_How to steam

[How long can steamed frozen buns be cooked]_How to steam_How to steam

There are many quick-frozen buns, dumplings and other foods in the supermarket. They only need to be heated and can be eaten directly. This is mainly to facilitate the processing of vacuum foods made by us.

For these quick-frozen buns, we need to steam them. The key is to add extra water to the pan. You can avoid the rapid evaporation of the water, and pay attention to the steaming time. Generally, it takes 7 minutes to eat the pan.

How long does the frozen bun steam?

The pot should be filled with excess water so that it will not evaporate quickly.

After the water has boiled, start adding steamed buns and start steaming.


Don’t thaw frozen frozen buns, just add steamer and steam directly.


When steaming steamed buns, there should be a certain gap between the steamed buns to ensure that the steamed buns are not easy to stick when steamed.


The buns the next day must be added to the refrigerator for quick freezing. When steaming, do not thaw the steamed buns and steam directly.


Quickly freeze the buns for 3-5 hours and then take them out into a fresh-keeping bag, which can be stored for longer periods of time and then steamed.

Depending on the size and heat of the bun, steam for about 5-15 minutes.

The quick-frozen buns need only be heated once to use, so the taste has been greatly improved.

Tips: Use less water when cooking.

The more water is used, the more the hydrolyzed vitamins dissolve and the more nutrients are lost in most foods, such as inorganic salts up to 10%?

Vitamins up to 15%?

In order to reduce the loss of nutrients, you can add an appropriate amount of starch thickener when pickling certain foods, so that the soup is wrapped in the food, and the excess soup is also best used.

Storage of frozen buns1. Do not store frozen buns in the refrigerator.

2. Don’t put the damaged or unpacked quick-frozen buns directly into the freezer. You should add a plastic bag outside the package and tie the bag tightly to prevent the product from drying or the oxidation of grease.

3. Don’t freeze the thawed food again, because the quality of the food will not be as good as before.

4. Don’t put the freezer room too full, which will affect the indoor air convection.

5. Do not store frozen foods for too long.

Precautions when buying quick-frozen buns, the products produced by big factories or famous brands should be the first choice.

2. Choose the nearest store with a low temperature freezer.

3. It is necessary to choose products with good packaging, clear labeling and effective storage period.

4. Pay attention to whether the product in the package has a natural color; if there are spots or discoloration, it means that it has deteriorated.

5, pay attention to whether there is thawing, good frozen food should be hard.

6. Frozen food must be taken at the end of each purchase to avoid leaving the freezer for too long. Generally, the outdoor storage time is about 1 hour, and the use of insulation bags can save about 4 hours.

(Specifically related to weather and temperature.

Frozen buns are frosty. In daily life, if you are directly freezing homemade dumplings, dumplings, and fresh meat products, etc., when you reach a certain temperature, there will be no obvious ice cubes.

But when stored for a long time, the surface of food will be doped with frost.

The same is true of frozen foods bought in supermarkets. If there is too much frost, it means that it is no longer fresh.

In addition, if there is condensation in the frozen food packaging bags purchased by the supermarket, it may be caused by thawing and freezing.

“After thawing and then freezing, tissue cells will change, and some cells will increase, which may affect food quality.

“Xin Xinying said.
And quick freezing just stopped the biochemical reaction and bacterial growth in the food, and did not kill the bacteria in it.
If food is thawed repeatedly, more and more bacteria will accumulate in it, which may cause harm to human health.

Therefore, when selecting quick-frozen food, pay attention to whether the packaging seal is intact, whether there is stickiness or damage in the packaging bag.

Do not choose products with significant ice cubes in the packaging.

In addition, when picking, you can buy packaged products to reduce pollution.

Quick-frozen food should be taken at the end of each shopping, and added to the freezer of the refrigerator in the home as soon as possible to avoid food quality damage and bacterial growth.

[Will you be pregnant with a condom]_Condom

[Will you be pregnant with a condom]_Condom

Many adults now have sex without marriage, but friends who are not married must take precautionary measures. In addition, this is to avoid accidental pregnancy and also to have a healthier sex life. In fact, many friends will choose contraceptive methods.Choosing to use a condom is also very convenient. There is no substitute for the body. Then, will a condom be pregnant?

In fact, the effectiveness of condom avoidance has only reached 85%, especially if some condoms with poor quality are used, they are likely to tear during use, which may easily lead to the possibility of pregnancy.

Can a specific condom be pregnant? You can read the analysis in this article.

The condom’s contraceptive principle is to stop sperm and egg combination.

In fact, after a small number of people used condoms, their wives were still pregnant.

The reasons are as follows: 1. Not used in time.

The correct usage is to wear it before sexual intercourse, but some people are about to wear it before ejaculation.

In this way, pregnancy is possible.

Because during sexual intercourse, there may be premature or unknowing ejaculation.

2. Improper use.

Before use, the air in the pouch before the sleeve should be squeezed out.

Some people do not do this. The pressure in the sac is too high after ejaculation, causing the capsular rupture, and the semen overflows into the vagina, causing contraception failure.

3. The penis did not exit in time.

After ejaculation, pinch the condom with your fingers before the penis softens and pull the penis out of the vagina.

Some people do not withdraw from the penis in time, the penis is weak and small, and the semen is poured into the vagina.

4. Condoms rupture.

If the condom is left for a long time, it will deteriorate, become brittle, or the fingernails, rings, etc. will scratch the condom, rupture the condom, and cause contraceptive failure.

The above is an introduction about whether you can get pregnant with a condom. When using a condom, you should avoid the factors described above, so that the failure of contraception will rarely occur. If you still get pregnant while wearing a condom,In fact, this will not cause adverse effects on the fetus, and everyone can safely give birth.

[How to make the best soup for pigeons]_ making methods _ practice Daquan

[How to make the best soup for pigeons]_ making methods _ practice Daquan

We know that after surgery, a patient needs to eat some foods that are helpful for wound healing, and it is also necessary to improve the body’s immunity. Pigeon soup is one of the more nutritious foods, but how to make pigeon soup the best supplement?How about it?

The pigeon itself has very high nutrition, has the effect of nourishing yin and aphrodisiac, and usually has health-care effects. It can effectively prevent disease. You can add a few grams of gastrodiae to make the soup nutritious.

Modern medicine believes that: pigeon meat strengthens the kidney, vitality, brain and spirit, improves memory, lowers blood pressure, adjusts human blood sugar, beauty and beauty, white and delicate skin, and prolongs life.

Therefore, pigeons are very nutritious foods. They are both precious and delicious dishes, as well as high-level tonics. Drinking more pigeon soup has certain health effects and can take advantage of various diseases.

Pigeon soup is the best tonic that can nourish yin and yang, and is suitable for men and women. It also plays a good role in keeping children healthy.

How do pigeon soup stew the most nutritious?

Material: suckling pigeon; 1 gastrodia; 5 grams of ham; 10 grams of chives; 3 ginger; 1 small piece.

Seasoning: broth; 3 tablespoons cooking wine; 1 teaspoon refined salt; 1 teaspoon MSG; teaspoon.

Method: 1. Wash and kill the pigeons, add boiling water and simmer them; slice the ham; wash and tie the onions; wash and slice the ginger.

2. Put the pigeon, ham, gastrodia, broth, cooking wine, spring onion, ginger into the bowl, steam in the steamer for 2 hours, remove, remove the onion and ginger, add salt and MSG to serve.

Features: delicious taste, quench wind and cough.

Chinese wolfberry dove soup soup Chinese herbal medicine ingredients list: 5g white ginseng, 5g white peony, 5g codonopsis, 5g lentils, 10g wolfberry, 10g barley, 40g red dates, 25g yam, 5g lilies, 5g lotus seeds, 5g onions, 10g ginger, 10g salt.

Production method: 1. Wash all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines; slice onion and ginger for later use; wash fresh pigeons.

2. The whole pigeon is boiled in cold water (flying water) and removed after the blood is removed.

3. Flood the pigeons in the casserole, boil the onion ginger and various herbs and boil for another hour.

4, cooked with a small amount of salt to season, eat meat and soup after the pan is very delicious.

Production time: about 1.

5 hours.

Secret: The taste of wolfberry pigeon soup is very delicious. You don’t need to put a lot of seasonings when drinking, just a little salt.

Features of Tremella Chenpi Stewed Pigeon Pigeon: Fresh taste, nourishing yin and nourishing lungs.

Production method: 1. Wash and kill the young pigeons, chop them into pieces, put them in a boiling water pot and simmer for 2 minutes, rinse with water, and put them in a soup bowl.

2. Wash and cut the white fungus with water, add it to the boiling water pot, and put it into the soup bowl, then add water to the skin.

3. Set the pot on medium heat, boil the broth, add salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, stir into the soup bowl, steam in the basket drawer for 30 minutes on high heat until cooked.

Ingredients of yam pigeon soup: a pigeon, a yam section, black fungus 2?
3 quail eggs?

Ingredients: 3 red dates, dried wolfberry.

Seasoning: ginger flakes, shallots, cooking wine, salt, chicken essence.

Method: 1. Wash the pigeons, add in boiling water, add cooking wine, remove blood, remove and wash.

2. Add ginger slices, spring onion, wolfberry, red dates and simmer over low heat.

5 hours.
3, yam shaved skin, cut stick knife block, soaked black fungus, quail eggs are cooked like boiled eggs, peeled.

4. Prick with chopsticks. When it is crisp, add quail eggs and black fungus.

5. Stew on low heat for 20 minutes, add yam, and simmer until yam crisp, season with salt and chicken essence.

[What are the effects and effects of 9 degrees rice vinegar-]_ definitely _ benefits

[What is the efficacy and role of 9 degrees rice vinegar?


Rice vinegar is an increasingly popular health drink in the world. Although it is very sour like vinegar, it has the aroma that vinegar does not have.

The acidity of rice vinegar is generally about 9 degrees, so it will not be too acidic and will not be unbearable. Let’s take a look at the efficacy and role of 9 degrees rice vinegar.

I hope you can understand it.

Vinegar can adjust and improve the nutritional status of the human body, improve and increase the level of metabolism, enhance physical fitness, and improve disease prevention and other functions.

It has significant effects on hypertension, sequelae of cerebral thrombosis, bronchitis, rheumatism, insomnia, constipation, gastric sagging, periarthritis, diabetes, etc., while it has significant effects on colitis, cardiac and cerebral insufficiency, neuralgia, neurasthenia, arteriosclerosis,Night sweats, diarrhea, nephritis, dermatitis, bone hyperplasia, bad breath and other diseases are cured.

Some even report that some chronic dysentery that has not been cured for many years can also remove or improve symptoms.

Precautions: 1. Patients who are allergic to vinegar, stomach ulcers and patients with hyperacidity should be used with caution.

Those who are not adapted should not force their skin.

Some people have acidosis due to too much vinegar, tooth decalcification and syncope, menstrual loss and other symptoms should be replaced immediately, please consult a doctor.

In general, the edible vinegar and egg liquid should take a scientific attitude. It should be noted that the vinegar and egg liquid is only a folk prescription for health food therapy. The main purpose of adjusting the body function and increasing nutrition should be taken.

Some patients regard vinegar and egg liquid as a “magic panacea” to cure all diseases, or they are anxious to take it in large quantities at one time. These practices are not desirable.

2. The eggs used to soak the vinegar egg solution should be fresh and clean. It is best to mix the egg shell with alcohol.

If you buy less than 9 degrees vinegar, you can choose local high-quality vinegar (such as Sichuan Baoning vinegar, Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar, Shanxi old vinegar, Shanghai balsamic vinegar, Beijing Xuanwu vinegar, etc.), but the soaking time should be appropriately extended (to soften the eggshell todegree).

3. As the vinegar and egg liquid is a health food, it does not conflict with any medicine, and the specialty medication need not be terminated.

In the process of taking, if there is no discomfort, long-term use is harmless, suitable for young and old.

4, some people are not suitable to eat honey or sugar (such as patients with diabetes) or do not like to eat sweets, honey, sugar can be used, but the effect is not hindered.

[Seven tricks commonly used by men to seduce men]

[Seven tricks commonly used by men to seduce men]

Well, women have a romantic gene, pursued by a man and become his wife. If sometimes a light recorder appears, there will always be some memories.

But most men have amnesia, and forget about it.

If there is red wine, then it is called Xiao Xiaoqing, which refers to the lover, which is somewhat offensive.

In fact, no matter how you disobey, when Primary Three appears, you have to face, not only face, but also fight.

Xiao San often feels like a variety of styles, not like eating fireworks on earth.

But how can we really not eat fireworks on earth?

It’s just that most of Xiaosan doesn’t wear an apron for the sake of three meals a day. He needs a place, music, food, and red wine.

Changing the position of the word “flirting” means flirting, is it good to flirt?


[Will the same room be pregnant ten days before menstrual cramps]_Pregnancy

[Will the same room be pregnant ten days before menstrual cramps]_Pregnancy

Many people do not like to love with a condom, because they always feel that when they are in the safe with their condom, it feels like a tickling sensation, and there is no way to make their penis sprint in the vagina.

And some people like to share a room ten days before the menstrual period.

But when I was in the same room ten days before the menstrual period, I was worried again.

I’m worried about getting pregnant.

Will the same room be pregnant ten days before menstrual cramps?

Ten days before menstrual cramps, if they do not have adulterated condoms, they will actually become pregnant.

If the condom does not rupture, and there is no semen and there is no overlap in the condom, it will not be pregnant. If you are not sure, the woman who has this condition is best, you can take a test pregnancy test or go to the hospital to replace it after two weeks.

We know that in fact, if you do not take contraceptive measures during sexual life, you generally have a chance to get pregnant, even if it is safe.

Please relax and observe if your menstruation is returning.

If there is no tide over one to ten days of menstruation, it is recommended to have a B-ultrasound, urine test, or blood HCG test to determine if you are pregnant. If you do not want your baby, pay attention to contraceptive measures. If you want your baby, you can have the same room on the next few days.
Or combined with ovulation test strips to determine the best time for intercourse.

Once you have symptoms of pregnancy, and you plan to have children later, then it is pregnant.

At this time, if the pregnant woman always eats vegetarian food casually, and when she does not eat fast food for weight loss, often the patient will have different levels of taurine deficiency.

It is often stressful and requires eating amaranth.

Play with a smile

Play with a smile

Facts have proved my psychological judgment. He has the best hardware. Harvard University has given him profound knowledge. He only needs to learn to open his lips and open his feet.

When a stage appears in front of him, he can adapt to the process of going to the center, and during this time he can dance his hands to the people.

For him, as long as you find the exit you release, it is not difficult to do this!

  ● Smile: Give play to the appeal of the mind. “Please practice smiling in the mirror first. This is very important to you. It is the homework you should do every day.

“Banbel should start with a smile. This is an introductory training to change the color of the gas field. A person who does not smile, his gas field is always cold.”

“Do you want to go from morning till night?

Dr. Phil, I am not used to deliberately embarrassing myself, it is like torture!

“Banbel was not happy at first. He thought that making him excellent is a kind of coercion, and keeping the status quo is a natural safety. God allows him to live reluctantly. He can live all the time, even the Supreme Court of the United States.Why not.

  Really a stubborn guy!

I was almost annoyed, just like the statue of a bull on Wall Street, I saw a man who was self-deprecating because of the stock market crash. His gas field is weird green, and it smells stinking and makes people sick.
However, since he came here, he has proved that he is still interested in changing himself. He is only hesitating, and he wants to stay in the process of observation. I need to push him to help him to inner desire.Start up.

  ”So, please try it for two days, Banbel, this is not torture. How do we call it an appointment?”

It is a game.

If you find that this has not changed your life, you can give it up immediately, and you don’t need to come back here, you don’t have to inform me, still do what you like to do, forget this place, what do you think?

“Banbel thought about it. My suggestion was very human. I thought about him everywhere, so he agreed.”

Two days later, as our work has been creating, miracles have happened again.

Banbel called and first confessed to me: “I’m sorry, Dr. Phil, I am ashamed of my stupid ignorance a few days ago, I express to you the most sincere remorse!

I promise that tomorrow will appear in your class on time. Please tell me a few classes now?

The next day, when he was about to play the antique “3 Seconds Stranger” game, he came dressed with a smile and a smile on his body.

This kind of smile makes me familiar. It is the unskilled and sincere smile. It is the color of his heart. He began to try to integrate into the mainstream gas field and release his inner inner appeal.

  Banbel said: “When I started to smile, you know, I immediately became the center. I was greeting me in the mirror. It was a landscape that I had not seen for many years. I used to see indifference and indifference.

When I walked to the campus, everyone began to pay attention to me and watched my every move. What a big surprise!

Because I have been living in an obscure inferiority before.

When the change came, although there was some discomfort at first, I quickly decided that I had to move forward bravely. I have tasted the sweetness of smiling!

So Dr. Phil, I want to ask, can I still be better?

I think you can let me do it.

“The power of the soul is endless. As long as you are willing to smile, anyone can be infected by you.

Banball’s magical experience has become an uncompromising performance with only a powerful shock. This big boy who has lived in the shadows for more than 20 years, with his own efforts, every day for the next monthGive unexpected shocks and revelations!

  Two strangers vying for the game of attention, his results are not ideal, the gas field is weak, and the image is ordinary and uncompetitive in front of other boys.

For example, for the first time, he only got the ninth place. No girl chose him within 3 seconds. He seemed to just go up and make up the number. He didn’t say a word. After sitting for 3 seconds, he owed his ass back to the preparation room.
The second time he barely got a girl’s vote, and he received an encouraging praise, so someone looked at him, but he still fell into the name of Sun Mountain, disappointed to step down, and should wear it when he chose the third attempt in the preparation room.clothes.

We have prepared six different costumes for each player. These costumes can be determined by the players, or they can be randomly prepared to test the player’s ability to package themselves.

In the case of clothing, the player has six chances to try each time!

  ”Congratulations, this is a valuable vote.

“I comfort him.

Originally thought that he must be dejected again to retreat, re-drilling back to the turtle shell, who knows that Banball smiled unconsciously and said: “This is the result I expected.

I missed too much homework. It’s not easy for me to attract people’s attention in such a short time, but I will definitely stick to it!

“I think it was the existence of the colony that made him burst out of amazing willpower.”Failure always provokes human blood, especially in the face of the opposite sex. It is a stimulating meaning for a man to be picked up by a woman on the stage. This is the success of this game!

We capture the most vulnerable parts of a person’s heart to fight and test, thus activating their deepest desire for charm!

  At that moment, I also saw a clear goal in Banball: “I want to be a star in the crowd and prove that I can be a mature and attractive man like Tom Hanks!”

He began to accelerate the sprint, and he must fight for a result. This is a good phenomenon, which proves that we have succeeded.

Walking, freewheeling health trip

Walking, freewheeling health trip

As the saying goes: “Winter practice 39, summer practice three volts”, summer heat is sultry, the human body consumption is particularly large, the aging of various organs is more obvious than other seasons, the summer insists on exercise, the anti-aging effect will be more significant.

Experts believe that summer heat, necessary exercise is essential, but high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood pressure patients and their high-risk groups, we must choose a relaxed exercise, so that the body gradually adapt to the high consumption of high temperatures.

Walking this simple aerobic exercise is sought after by many people because it is not limited by time, environment, and better fitness.

  Walking – Freedom of the summer sports, more work, pressure, and young and middle-aged white-collar workers who like to stay up late, because walking is the sport they are most likely to engage in.

Compared to climbing, swimming, playing badminton and other sports, walking is not restricted by the venue, even in the spacious office, office lobby, community garden can start sports immediately; compared to the gym, walking is not restricted by the environment, in the commuteOn the way, take one or two stops and go to work on foot.

  Older people with three high-grade diseases are chasing the walk, because the scientific walk, without time limit, can avoid the hot summer days.

On a cool night and early morning, you can do it in the clean and community gardens.

The right amount of exercise will not cause any discomfort to them.

  Most importantly, the health benefits of simple walking are unmatched by other sports.

  Walking – an effective means of reducing fat for health Sports medicine practitioners have repeatedly told people the benefits of walking: for young and middle-aged people, continuous striding can increase energy consumption in the body and promote excess use in the body.

White-collar workers who have too much food and too much pressure and too much pressure can get the effect of losing weight and calm the blood pressure at the risk if they can walk and control their diet properly.

For the elderly, daily high blood pressure walking can significantly improve the nutrition of the heart, so that a series of anti-atherosclerotic substances are produced in the blood of the body, which reduces the possibility of cardiovascular disease.

  Experts in the summer ideal walking program pointed out that the summer walking exercise should be scientific, timely, appropriate and appropriate.

  Timely: In order to avoid excessive consumption and burning damage to the body by the athletes, it is best to avoid outdoor activities after 10 am to 4 pm when the weather is cool in the morning or evening.

  Moderate: The human body consumes too much in the summer and the physical reserves are relatively weak, so it advocates lightweight walking.

However, in order for adults to be effectively consumed, walking must achieve a certain level of exercise, otherwise it will be useless.

For the elderly, it is necessary to walk more than 60 steps per minute, and continuous walking must be more than 10 minutes. This kind of walking makes sense.

Young and middle-aged people should maintain a moderate intensity when walking, that is, they must walk at a walking intensity of more than 100 steps per minute for 20-30 minutes.

So how can you accurately and accurately understand whether you are walking effectively?

This requires re-aligning the walking management tools such as the Omron Pedometer to accurately monitor the walker’s exercise intensity and exercise time, effectively helping people manage their health.

  Appropriate: Try to get fresh air, let people watch the comfortable place to walk, such as parks, lakes, courtyards and other cool and ventilated places.

This way, when you walk, you will feel happy, and you will be willing to use the military as a healthy lifestyle.