[What dishes are delicious with curry rice]_How to eat_How to mix

[What dishes are delicious with curry rice]_How to eat_How to mix

As the people of various countries in the world communicate more and more extensively, the food cultures of various countries are constantly being exchanged.

Curry rice is a common Japanese food, but since it replaced China, it has been loved by many Chinese people.

In the process of making curry rice, it is mainly made by adding some curry powder, which has a good effect of lowering blood fat.

So what would be delicious when eating curry rice?

First, what dishes are good with curry rice 1. Yellow curry rice is suitable for dishes that do not have a lot of soup. If you add vegetables properly, you can consider dried beef shredded beef, mapo tofu, spicy chicken, stewed fish oil, wheat celery, and celery.Fried Xianggan and so on.

2. The soup with yellow curry rice is simple and not greasy.

Such as spinach soup, egg yuba soup and so on.

3, yellow curry rice should be placed in a separate lunch box, not mixed with vegetables.

One is that the curry rice will have a mixed flavor of vegetables, and the other is that there is more or less vegetable soup in the dishes. Soaking the vegetable soup in the curry rice will affect the taste of the yellow curry rice.

Second, what soup is good with curry rice? If it is a Japanese-style curry rice, it is best to pair it with a mild western-style soup, such as chicken and mushroom soup, instead of a oyster soup.

If you choose a strong and sour curry with Indonesian flavor, it is best to use garlic seafood soup with broccoli and green vegetables.

Third, the effect of curry curcumin contained in curry can protect the heart and prevent heart failure.

For hypertensive patients, curcumin in curry can prevent and reverse cardiac hypertrophy, thereby restoring heart function.

Because curcumin is a phenolic antioxidant, it helps to control blood lipids and promote the production of transformation, and has a certain preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases.

The American Cancer Research Association pointed out that curcumin also activates liver cells and inhibits the function of tumors, which can prevent certain effects on the prevention of liver disease and cancer, and is conducive to the prevention of dementia.

In addition, curcumin can also accelerate wound healing and reduce scar formation.

In addition, curry also has the functions of warming up the body, strengthening the spleen, warming the stomach, and stimulating appetite. It can also help people reduce insulin response after meals, promote energy metabolism, make people consume more calories, and promote slight oxidation, which is beneficial to prevention.obesity.

[Will the same room be pregnant ten days before menstrual cramps]_Pregnancy

[Will the same room be pregnant ten days before menstrual cramps]_Pregnancy

Many people do not like to love with a condom, because they always feel that when they are in the safe with their condom, it feels like a tickling sensation, and there is no way to make their penis sprint in the vagina.

And some people like to share a room ten days before the menstrual period.

But when I was in the same room ten days before the menstrual period, I was worried again.

I’m worried about getting pregnant.

Will the same room be pregnant ten days before menstrual cramps?

Ten days before menstrual cramps, if they do not have adulterated condoms, they will actually become pregnant.

If the condom does not rupture, and there is no semen and there is no overlap in the condom, it will not be pregnant. If you are not sure, the woman who has this condition is best, you can take a test pregnancy test or go to the hospital to replace it after two weeks.

We know that in fact, if you do not take contraceptive measures during sexual life, you generally have a chance to get pregnant, even if it is safe.

Please relax and observe if your menstruation is returning.

If there is no tide over one to ten days of menstruation, it is recommended to have a B-ultrasound, urine test, or blood HCG test to determine if you are pregnant. If you do not want your baby, pay attention to contraceptive measures. If you want your baby, you can have the same room on the next few days.
Or combined with ovulation test strips to determine the best time for intercourse.

Once you have symptoms of pregnancy, and you plan to have children later, then it is pregnant.

At this time, if the pregnant woman always eats vegetarian food casually, and when she does not eat fast food for weight loss, often the patient will have different levels of taurine deficiency.

It is often stressful and requires eating amaranth.

[Baby food for more than ten months_Baby food for more than ten months]

[Baby food for more than ten months_Baby food for more than ten months]

Babies more than ten months have become very naughty, they can move independently at this time, they will crawl on their own for what they like, and this time the baby’s growth and development is also very criticalTherefore, when adding supplementary food to your baby, you must choose one that is suitable for your baby and has high nutritional value. So what is the best way to add supplementary food to your baby for more than ten months?

Ten-month-old babies use a wide range of complementary foods. Common babies’ complementary foods, such as porridge, soft rice, and noodles, are good complementary food choices for babies ten months old.

10-month-old babies generally have no resistance to complementary foods.

You can also feed your baby some fruits and vegetables.

For your baby’s nutritional balance and adequacy, it is generally recommended that the baby’s complementary food is best vegetarian, such as meat, fish, liver mud, etc. can be added to the baby’s complementary food in a timely manner.

10-month supplementary food for your baby should pay attention to feeding him the right food.

Add appropriate amounts of protein and iron, and put more than 3 kinds of dishes in each meal.

Protein: eggs, fish, chicken, pork liver, etc., gradually transition from small pieces to small pieces.

Vegetables: carrots, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes.

Cereals: porridge, soft rice, noodles, soy products, biscuits, steamed buns, cooked potatoes, taro.

The baby’s three meals daily, 7:30 in the morning, 12:00 noon, 17:00 in the evening can be eaten for the baby, in the morning, afternoon and dinner two hours after the fruit can be added to the baby, can be at 6:00 in the morning and eveningFeed your baby at 9:00.

What the baby eats can enhance the immunity of the child’s body constitution, which belongs to the physical background of “the viscera is tender and tender, the body is not full, and it grows rapidly”.

The viscera is delicate, absorbed by the spleen and stomach, and the digestive function has not been fully formed.

In terms of diet, we need to pay attention to two points. The first is to develop good eating habits.

Parents should not worry about their children not eating enough or eating well enough.

It’s a misunderstanding to only give your child more food.

Raising the spleen and stomach is the key.

We have a folk proverb, “If you want to be safe for children, you must fight with the cold”, don’t feed your child too much, and give him (spleen and stomach) enough time to digest the food and turn it into a child’s required substance.

Second, don’t absorb too high traces of food. You may eat a few hams at a time. (This way) it will be difficult to transport and accumulate food, including some high-content burgers, chicken legs, and so on.

In addition, some spleen-spleen and stomach-friendly ingredients are recommended. Grains must be eaten more, such as rice, millet, corn, wheat, etc. with some grain porridge and millet porridge to adjust the spleen and stomach.

For another meat, it is recommended to eat some plain meat, such as chicken and beef are good choices.

I would like to recommend yam to your parents. Eating more yam (adults, children) can strengthen the spleen and stomach, because yam is flat and enters the lung, spleen and kidney.

People with long-term constipation need to control the amount of absorption.

Yam porridge, soup, and water for tea.

There are also lotus seeds, which are also flat, enter the spleen, kidney, and heart meridian, and are also good ingredients.

Here are a few diet recipes, Huaishan lotus seed pork bone soup, and grain malt duck kidney soup. The grain malt is mainly used to store food, and the Poria and Jujube rice porridge is also a good diet.

[Can pubic lice infect AIDS]_AIDS_Transmission route_How to spread_Method of transmission

[Can pubic lice infect AIDS]_AIDS_Transmission route_How to spread_Method of transmission

The human body is really strange, and a thorough understanding can fully understand your own body.

Be aware of changes in your body and be responsible for your body.

Being a responsible person and understanding your body is a complex and large project that is not so simple.

Until now I don’t know much about my body, and some terms have even been heard for the first time.

Next, let’s find out what are pubic lice?

Can pubic lice spread AIDS?

I think a lot of people don’t understand this well.

Pubic lice is a kind of lice disease. It is a contact infectious parasitic disease caused by parasites on the skin near the human pubic hair and the hair around the anus.

It is usually transmitted by sexual contact, and it is often shared by couples, but more common in women.

The disease is an infectious disease. The patient or spouse has a history of unclean sexual contact, or was living outside the house before the onset of the disease.

The pathogen of pubic lice is an ectoparasite-pubic lice.

Pubic lice larvae and adults rely on human blood for their livelihood.

Pubic lice generally do not leave the pubic hair, and only when sexual intercourse pubic lice leave the original host and infect the new host.

Pubic lice, like other lice diseases, can spread infectious diseases such as recurrent fever and typhus.

Some spouses of the patient had a history of unclean sexual contact, or were living outside the house before the onset of illness.

The main sites are near the pubic hair area and the perianal area, and can also be seen in the armpit hair and chest hair area.

The common subjective symptoms are acute attacks, especially at night, and they are mainly separated from the pubic bone, and may also involve perianal area, lower abdomen, arms, eyelashes, and calves. Similar symptoms can be found in their spouse or partner.

It can be seen that grayish white grit-like particles (lice eggs) and slowly moving pubic lice are attached to the pubic hair. The pubic lice can also penetrate half into the skin and half exposed outside the skin.Blue bleeding bruises.

Patients’ underpants often have a stained brown blood stain, which is caused by bleeding at the blood sucking site of pubic lice. Excessive scratching can secondary to folliculitis and pimple.


Surveillance shows: Shanghai adult diet overweight makes obesity rate rise

Surveillance shows: Shanghai adult diet overweight makes obesity rate rise

Guide: To carry out social and economic development, people’s diet has also improved a lot.

Especially in some of the more developed cities, the food that the citizens replace every day can basically sustain the consumption of one day’s activities, even more than one day’s consumption.

According to the “2010 Shanghai National Physical Fitness Monitoring Bulletin”, the weight of adult males in Shanghai continued to increase for 10 years, and the detection rate of overweight increased to 39.

5%, the obesity detection rate increased to 11.


Health experts believe that overeating and national sports are important reasons.

  According to the monitoring of the “2010 Shanghai National Physique Monitoring Bulletin”, the trend of Shanghai male weight growth continued, and adult overweight detected reorganization 38.

2%, diabetes detection costs 11.

0%, an increase of 1 from 2005.

8 digits and 2.

3 averages.

Among them, the weight gain of men aged 20 to 29 increased, with an average increase of 2.

8 kg, the overweight detection rate and the excess detection rate increased by 4 compared with 2005.

3 single and 4 single.

  National physique monitoring is conducted every five years.

This monitoring is the third monitoring since the national physical fitness monitoring in 2000. The sampling principle of segmental random clustering is adopted.

The target of this monitoring is Shanghai residents aged 3 to 69, and the final effective sample size is 60,545.

Monitoring indicators include body shape, physical function and physical fitness.

  Monitoring shows that in the past 10 years, the weight of Shanghai male citizens has undergone major changes.

Compared with 2000, males gained an average of 2 weight gains.

9 body weight, the corresponding proportion of normal weight in the population by 54.

9% dropped to 45.

8%, the overweight detection rate is 34.

1% increased to 39.

5%, the foreign exchange detection rate is 6.

4% increased to 11.


  Relatively speaking, adult women in Shanghai are relatively stable, with an average growth of 0 in 10 years.

3 There was no significant change in body weight, normal body weight, overweight and obesity rates.

  健康教育专家、复旦大学医学院教授杨秉辉指出,成年男性超重肥胖问题需要引起重视,“发胖是‘发福’的传统观念现在看是需要正确认识的,现代医学告诉我们,肥胖的人更容易引发高Blood pressure, diabetes and other health problems, especially young people should pay attention to early prevention, prevention and change.

Yu Zhusheng, an associate professor of sports science at the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, believes that through the improvement of living standards, more and more people choose to drive or take public transportation to work, and the physical activity at work is greatly reduced, and the energy absorption and consumption of the human body are not balanced.It is the result of overweight and obesity. “Although too many people in the workplace also participate in exercise, but the intensity is too low, the time is too short, so the effect is not good, should pay attention to the workplace people insist on regular and scientific participation in physical exercise every week.
Xiaobian’s message: Over-eating causes of obesity always occurs in adult males. Nowadays, children often eat more and less, causing childhood obesity.

Hypertension is a lot of harm. Everyone should take part in some physical exercise.

Vegetarian food can live longer, how to eat vegetarian food is healthier

Vegetarian food can live longer, how to eat vegetarian food is healthier

Many people are now promoting vegetarian health, and too many people think that eating vegetarian food can live longer.

But can vegetarian food really live longer?

How to eat vegetarian food correctly?

  In today’s high incidence of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases, vegetarian diet is considered to be a healthy and long-lived diet. However, vegetarian food is really healthy and nutritious?

Can it really make people live longer?

  First, eating vegetarian food does not necessarily lead to longevity In order to explore the relationship between vegetarianism and longevity, the British and American alternative scientists have done extensive investigations and experiments. The results of the survey clearly show that the average life expectancy of vegetarians is higher than the social average, but scientists also foundMost vegetarians are more health-conscious, have a more modest diet, and are more self-disciplined in their lifestyles, like quitting smoking and drinking.

If the influence of these lifestyle factors on the results is removed, it is found that there is no direct relationship between vegetarianism and longevity.

In other words, vegetarians live long and healthy, basically still healthy lifestyle, not vegetarian itself.

Blindly following the wind, without paying attention to nutritional mix and lifestyle changes, it will not be healthier at all, but may cause adverse effects on health.

  Second, vegetarians are prone to nutritional problems. Vegetarians are divided into two categories. The first type of vegetarians can eat eggs and drink milk, become egg whites, or eat only eggs, only milk vegetarians.

The second is that any animal-related food is not absorbed, called vegan.

Relatively speaking, the nutrition of the vegetarian diet of egg milk is relatively easy to satisfy, mainly paying attention to the supplement of iron to prevent iron deficiency anemia.

For vegan vegetarians, it is easier to lack more nutrients.

  1, the lack of high-quality protein In general, the most vulnerable nutrients for vegetarians is protein. Generally, high-quality protein is found in animal foods, fish, eggs, and milk. High-quality protein is more easily absorbed by the body, while plant foods.Among them, only soybean protein is a high-quality protein. If vegetarian food is not enough, it is easy to lack protein.

  2, iron and other minerals lack of plant foods, although the iron content is good, but the iron absorption rate is very low, far less than meat, especially red meat, liver and so on.

Therefore, vegetarians are prone to lack of iron and cause iron deficiency anemia.

  3, vitamin B12 deficiency vitamin B12 is almost only in animal foods, it is difficult for vegetarians to add, and vitamin B12 deficiency is not easy to detect, when symptoms appear too late, so vegetarians especiallyPay attention to the supplement of vitamin B12.

  4, excessive oil because plant foods have no animal food taste, vegetarians often like to use a lot of oil to replace the lack of flavor of plant foods, often lead to excessive oil excess, excessive production, high blood fat and other accumulation, but healthHave an adverse effect.

  Third, how to eat vegetarian diet more healthy staple food choice of staple food mix, coarse grains added zinc, magnesium and other minerals, B vitamins are also very rich, replace some of the fine grains to help meet the nutritional needs of vegetarians, but coarse grains should not be too much, otherwise excessiveThe precipitation of precipitated fiber, phytic acid may affect the absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc.

Therefore, coarse grains account for one-half of the accumulation of staple sulfate.

It can also be made by fermentation, such as miscellaneous grains, steamed bread, and so on.

  The choice of dishes 1, to ensure that there are soy products every day.

Soy products are high-quality protein, which is the best source of protein for vegetarians. It is also a good source of calcium. You can choose any kind of soy products such as soy milk, dried tofu, water tofu or dried bean curd.

  2, choose more than half of dark vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.

Dark vegetables are an important source of vitamin C (helping iron absorption), carotene, potassium and other vitamins.

Especially green leafy vegetables, it is also an important source of calcium and magnesium, which is good for bone health.

However, some green leafy vegetables with astringency, such as spinach and kale, contain oxalic acid doping, which will affect the absorption of calcium.

  3, often supplemented with algae food, algae is a good source of minerals, including iron, zinc, calcium and so on.

  Pay attention to the supplement of fermented food 4, fermented food supplement vitamin B12, vegetarians can choose some fermented products, such as fermented soybean products, but pay attention to the amount, the general fermented soybean products have higher salt content, also supplement vitamin B12 enhanced food.

  Fourth, eat snacks or add a meal, eat the right amount of nuts every day.

Nuts are a better source of vegetarian protein, while calcium, magnesium and zinc are also rich in content, but nut fat content is high, should be appropriate to reduce the amount of cooking oil, and can not eat more daily, usually a small per day (with shell)It is appropriate.

  2, optional raisins, jujube to replace some snacks, for vegetarians, jujube, raisins, iron absorption rate is better, is a good choice for vegetarian snacks.

  Note: 9 people should not eat vegetarian 1 .

The body itself is relatively thin, and people with poor resistance.


All children in growth and development are in a long physical period and can cause stunting.


Women who plan to become pregnant, if they are vegetarian, can cause estrogen levels to drop and cause birth disorders.   4.

Women during the menstrual period.


Menopausal women will increase the “menopausal syndrome.”


People who have peptic ulcers and are active, as well as people with acute ulcers.


Liver cirrhosis, patients with esophageal or gastric varices.


Renal failure, some patients with kidney stones.


Patients with severe anemia and other diseases should not be absolutely vegetarian.

Seasonal Health: The Summer Health Method

Seasonal Health: The Summer Health Method

At the summer]August 23, 2018 (Lunar July 13th) Wuxu Year[Dog Year]Geng Shenyue Dinghai Day is also suitable for detoxification and dampness, we can pick up a little golden porridge, gold porridge means that it is basicallyYellow, millet, corn, pumpkin, and put some jujubes, except that the jujube is red, the others are yellow, which is a better spleen and stomach diet.

For beverages, we can use 30 grams of corn, 60 grams of water spinach, drowning, and then discard the juice to drink. When you are in the heat, it is very good to use this tea. The corn must be very common, butEveryone is wasting. In fact, corn must be well collected. It can lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and diuretic.

“The Great Willing Master with the Law” is in the heat, which means “out of the summer”, which means hot leave.

It is the fourteenth solar term among the twenty-four solar terms.

Every year when the sun runs to 150° of the Yellow River, it is a summer heat.

The almanac cloud: “The bucket refers to the summer, the heat will retreat, and the squatting, so the name is also.

“The situation of the solar terms means that it is about to enter the autumn of meteorological significance. After the situation, the area north of the Yangtze River in China will gradually decline gradually.

According to astronomical experts, on the day of the summer, the direct sun point has moved from the 23°26′ north latitude of the summer solstice to 11°28′ north latitude.

In Beijing metropolitan area, the length of daylight has been reduced from 15 hours to 13 hours and 25 minutes in the summer solstice, and the height of the midday sun has also been reduced from 73°32′ of the summer solstice to 61°34′. People can clearly feel that the sun is starting to be southerly.

As the height of the sun continues to decrease, the heat generated will also decrease.

When the sun reaches 150°, it is the 24th solar term of the lunar calendar.

The heat is a solar term that reflects the temperature change.

“Zhou” contains hiding, terminating meaning, “where the heat” means the end of the hot summer day.

“The seventy-two month set of the monthly plan” said: “The place, the end is also, the heat is here to stop.”

“”处” means termination, indicating that the heat is about to pass, and the beginning of the day when the heat begins, most of the area is gradually decreasing.

There are both small heat, great heat, and small cold, big cold, and it is the solar energy that represents the transition from high heat to cold.

China will divide the summer into three: “One eagle is a bird of worship; the second is the beginning of the world; three times He Naideng.

In this solar term, the eagle began to hunt a large number of birds; everything in the heavens and the earth began to wither; the “he” in “He Naideng” refers to the general name of the crops of alfalfa, alfalfa, rice, and alfalfa.

An eagle is a bird of sacrifice. It means that the eagle begins to hunt a large number of birds in this festival, and displays it as a sacrifice.

The second day of the world began to be said, and then everything in the heavens and the earth began to wither, full of chilling gas.

In ancient times, there was a saying of “autumn decision”, that is, in order to comply with the murderous atmosphere of heaven and earth.

“Lv Spring and Autumn” said: “The world can not win.

“It is the season to warn people that autumn is not arrogant.”

Sanhouhe Naideng, “He” refers to the general name of the crops of alfalfa, rice, and alfalfa. “Deng” means maturity, which means to start the autumn harvest.

The poem cloud “when the summer heat is out of the heat, the autumn wind has been sent to the late.”

In the day of the South Trail in the Huihui, the rice is broken and the horse is riding.

(Left River Water)” After the summer, except for the south and southwest regions, most of the rainy season is about to end, gradually decreasing, and the rice is ripe for harvest.

In particular, in North China, the northeast and northwest regions must pay close attention to water storage and conservation; in order to prevent drought during autumn, the planting period of winter crops is delayed.

At the summer, the solar temperate diet, the diet, and the summer diet should increase the salt and reduce the spleen to raise the spleen and stomach.

Eat more salty foods, such as glutinous rice, shad, powdered gems, etc., eat less spicy foods such as ginger, onions, garlic, leeks, fennel and so on.

Eat more white fungus, lily, lotus seeds, glutinous rice, sesame seeds, beans and other clean foods, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent autumn dryness, conform to the cleansing of the lungs.

After a summer of “tort”, many people have relatively weak spleen and stomach functions, and their appetite is not strong. Therefore, don’t eat “heavy taste” on the diet, do not overeating, eat less cold and not digestible food.

Yijian spleen and dampness to stomach, such as red beans, glutinous rice, lotus seeds, lentils, melon, medlar.

Don’t rush to “stick the autumn”, at this time people’s rehabilitation function is weak, mainly to plant food, eat more fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, potatoes, fungi, etc.

Sesame spinach ingredients: 500 grams of fresh spinach, 15 grams of cooked sesame seeds, salt, sesame oil, the right amount.

Production: Wash the spinach to the roots, boil it in boiling water, remove it and immerse it in cold water, then rinse off the water, cut into sections, add salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, stir well, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Efficacy: Bugan Yishen, open chest and moistening.

Lily 脯 raw materials: 60 grams of raw lily, 2 tablespoons of honey.Production: Wash the lily into the bowl, pour the honey, add steam to the steamer for 30 minutes, and air dry.

Take it seven times before going to bed.

Efficacy: clear heart and soothe the nerves.

Have restless sleep, convulsions and easy to wake up.

Shashen porridge ingredients: Shashen 15?
30 grams, 50 grams of previous rice, the right amount of crystal sugar.

(Shashen) production: Shashen smashed and added water decoction, the medicinal juice and the previous rice into the casserole, add water and simmer into a porridge, into the rock sugar.

Usage: Take breakfast early and evening, 7 days for a course of treatment.

Efficacy: nourishing yin and clearing heat, moistening the lungs and nourishing the stomach, relieving cough.

Note: Shashen porridge should be slightly thin, not too thick.

Those who suffer from cough caused by cold outside are not suitable for service.

The sand ginseng has the south and the northern sand ginseng. The effect is essentially the same. The former is partial to the lungs and sputum, and is biased towards nourishing the stomach.

The summer season of the living and nursery is in the alternating cycle from heat to cold, the yang of the natural world is converging from the evacuation, and the ups and downs of the yin and yang in the human body are also transformed. At this time, the daily routine should be adjusted accordingly.Get up early, go to bed early to avoid the chill in the fall, get up early to help the lungs stretch, but also add clothes at the right time.

After sleeping in the summer, sleep more than one hour a day. After the summer, the weather will get cold. You should change the habit of sleeping in the summer, try to go to sleep for an hour every day, sleep at 10 o’clock in the evening, get up early, get up early, and get ready for the anti-autumn.””status.

In addition, it is necessary to take a proper nap to help resolve the feelings of distress, especially for the elderly.

Exercise health moderate amount of gentle exercise, yin, autumn health should be “received, raised”, to maintain the body’s yin as a primary task.

Exercise should choose a light and easy project, especially for young and old and infirm, should prevent excessive sweating and yang loss.

Exercise should not be too much, try to choose activities with less exercise, avoid a lot of sweat, to hurt the yang.

Such as “Zunsheng gossip” in the work: daily sitting, turn left and right, two hands back five to seven times, three teeth six times, adjust the breath, swallowing fluid.

You can also do broadcast gymnastics, tai chi, walking, etc.

Mountaineering is a good choice for outdoor sports in the fall.

Mountaineering can enhance the function of breathing and blood circulation, increase the vital capacity of the human body and the contractility of the heart, and improve the body’s adaptability to environmental changes.

In addition, after the summer, mountaineering can absorb more negative oxygen ions, nourish and calm the nervous system.

Mountaineering is a burden-bearing exercise that integrates the burden of joints.

Patients with osteoarthritis are unsuitable, and patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc. should do their best.

At the summer time of the spiritual nursery, “should be quiet and temperate”, when the sun is everywhere, the autumn is becoming more and more obvious, and nature is gradually showing a scene of chilling. At this time, people are prone to sad emotions.

Therefore, in the mental health, the summer season should be pre-convergence, peace of mind, quiet mood, avoid emotional ups and downs, usually can listen to music, practice calligraphy and other extracurricular activities.

Acupoint nurses Chinese medicine said “moisture through the spleen”, so spleen and dampness is an important change in the end of the health, the heat is in the end of the period, press the acupuncture points to help dehumidification every day.

The polar spring of the skull nest is located at the tip of the skull and the pulsation of the skull artery.

It is recommended to press 揉 or toggle twice a day, each time over 36.

The Chengshan point of the calf is located at the tip of the toe, and the sharp corner depression of the back muscle of the calf can be used to support the wall with one hand. The one leg is slender, and the foot of the other leg is kicked to hit the mountain point, each time 5?
10 minutes.
The hole in the knee socket is located at the center point of the leg socket, and each time it is toggled or beaten more than 36 times.

After the summer customs, the autumn season is getting stronger, and some people are enjoying the good seasons in the countryside to enjoy the autumn scenery.

When the heat is over, the heat is stopped, and even the clouds in the sky are suddenly evacuated and free, unlike the summer when the summer heats up.

The folks have always said that “you can see Qiuyun in July and August”, and there is a meaning of “going out to welcome autumn”.

Before and after the ancestral ancestors, folks commonly known as “July and a half” or “Chinese Yuan Festival” ancestor activities.

From the beginning of July, there will be a ceremony to open the ghost gate, until the end of the month to close the ghost gate, the antique Pudu will perform activities.

The river lanterns are also called “the lotus lights”. Generally, the lamps or candles are placed on the base. The middle and night are placed in the rivers and lakes, and they are allowed to float.

The river lanterns are for the water ghosts and other ghosts in the water.
It’s time to eat the longan “heat” and the “heat” is over.

Old Fuzhou no longer drink herbal tea after “soon at the heat”, but eat more “invigorating the gas”, “blood-filling” things, the old Fuzhou is used to eating longan, longan peeling and porridge after eating.

Invigorating the kidney and nourishing the kidney, it is necessary to press the kidney acupoints at 3 places.

Invigorating the kidney and nourishing the kidney, it is necessary to press the kidney acupoints at 3 places.

Introduction: Bushen has always been a topic that people can’t talk about. People who don’t have good kidneys need kidney and kidney. The Chinese doctor said that the kidneys and kidneys need to be supplemented by 3 kidney points!

  Taixi Point: Converging Poly Kidney, Yuanqi and Kidney are the innate nature of human beings. The Yuanyin and Yuanyang of the human body are injected into it, so the kidney is the source of vitality.

Taixi Point is the original point of the kidney meridian, and it is the “Yangtze River” that gathers the kidneys through the vital energy. Therefore, the ancients called Taixi Point as one of the “returning nine points” and considered it to have a very high return to the sun.

In ancient times, many doctors faced dying patients, and used this point to “reinforcing the kidney and breaking the life and death”. If the beating artery can be touched at this acupoint, the patient’s kidney is inexhaustible and can be treated. If there is no beating, the patient is yin.Gas-ridden, more dangerous.

  Stimulating Taixi acupoints has the effect of significantly improving kidney function, so you can often press the 揉太太穴, each acupoint can be changed in about 5 minutes, without having to stick to the method.

Of course, the time of the kidney meridian, that is, 17 o’clock in the afternoon?
At 19 o’clock, the massage is better. When you press 揉, you can press the thumb of the opposite hand. You can also use a massage stick or a smooth wooden stick to press the cymbal. According to the strength of the cymbal, in addition to the feeling of soreness,Have a feeling of numbness.

  Yongquan Point: Bushen Guyuan Yongquan Point is a very important acupoint on the human foot and Shaoyin kidney.

It is located at the intersection of the midline of the sole of the foot, that is, when the foot is bent, the front of the foot is recessed.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “The kidney is out of the spring, and the spring is full of heart.”

“The meaning is: the gas of the kidney is like the water of the source, shifting under the foot, pouring out the limbs of the irrigation body.

Therefore, Yongquan Point plays an important role in health care.

  For the benefits of massage Yongquan, there are songs and clouds: “Sanli Yongquan, longevity and wonderful.”

Press a hundred times before going to bed, spleen and blood.

Can benefit the spirit of spirit, protect the three treasures; know the interest, the birthday star picks.

“It can be seen that the frequent massage of Yongquan points can make people’s kidneys redundant, the ears are clear, the spirit is abundant, the sexual function is strong, the waist and knees are not strong, and the walking is powerful.

  Guanyuan Point: Sealing a Real Element There is a very important material and motive force in our body to maintain human life activities.

Chinese medicine believes that vitality is congenital, hidden in the kidney, and dependent on acquired essence, the main function is to promote the growth and development of the human body, warm and stimulate the organs, organs and other tissues, physiological functions of organs.

  The vitality is innate, inherited from the parents, and depends on the support of the day after tomorrow.

As time goes on, it will gradually decrease, and people will show signs of aging.

How can we better guard our vitality?

Stimulating Guanyuan is a good way.

Guanyuan Point is like a valve of the human body. It keeps the vitality of the human body in the body so that it does not leak. It is a man’s Tibetan essence, and the woman accumulates blood to replace it. It is the intersection of Yuanyin and Yuanyang, and it is also the relationship between vitality and vitality.
  Stimulating Guanyuan points can make the kidneys active and supplement the kidney.

For example, the spirit is like a legacy left by our parents. How much is certain. We use the money every day. After a long period of time, this legacy is used up.

How can the number of this heritage not be reduced too fast?

An important method is to work hard to earn money and save some money for your own use.

Stimulating the role of Guanyuan is equivalent to saving money for yourself. It saves more money and reduces the use of parental heritage.

  Therefore, if you want to find a practical method of tonifying the kidney, you can do it by tonifying the kidney acupoint. The kidney and kidney should be divided into 3 points.

Make your curly body shaping underwear

Make your curly body shaping underwear

It is the perfect ideal for new women in modern fashion, both in the appearance of the country and in the exquisite shape.

More and more women have begun to merge, beauty should be a whole, and the beauty of form is an inseparable part of it.

Therefore, everyone is trying to lose weight and exercise. However, the perfect figure of a woman should be slim, curvaceous, too thin or too strong.

So he created a body shaping underwear.

The feeling of tight bandage wrapped around the body in a few years ago was really uncomfortable, and even worried that the “beauty body” could not be achieved, but it was “damaged”.

With the intervention of high-tech technology and people’s understanding of the concept of body and body, after continuous improvement, the new body underwear that can reshape the body and shape and shape the body has already set off a new trend of international fashion in the 21st century after losing weight.

  Different from general underwear, body shaping underwear does not seem to be purely for “self-deception”, and even it does have the external effect of “immediately.”

According to reports, the body shaping underwear proves that the body shape is not corrected when wearing underwear. Its ultimate goal is to enable you to one day be freed from its bondage and “customize” a proportional coordination according to your own ideals.Exquisite body, so some people call it “healthy orthopedic underwear.”

  Body shaping underwear is not the purpose of oppressing the body to achieve slimming. Instead, according to the principle of “accidental movement of fluidity”, it gently moves from top to bottom and left and right to return, shift, and sag, and return to the correct position.

It is natural to correct the normal body shape through proper daily wear.

Body shaping underwear condenses human breakthrough scientific and technological achievements in structural mechanics, ergonomics, new materials science, fiber science, weaving technology, computer technology, etc., so it has more comprehensive functions:

New fibers developed by high-tech projects, such as space fibers combined with ROICA and POLYURETHANE, triangular gloss yarns, etc., make underwear “warm and cool in winter”, “moisture permeable”, “tightSticking without tightening, “promoting blood circulation”, “generating negative ion function, improving the role of SOD enzymes in the body”, “accelerating the unfortunate mobility”.


The special soft steel wire is used to support the lower back, eliminating physical fatigue and making the body straight and elegant.


The new scientific weaving method is light and thin, and the elasticity is improved, which can effectively balance the pressure of the body underwear on the wearer’s body surface, so that the wearer feels comfortable.


According to the ergonomics principle, the three-dimensional multi-piece cutting is caused by the characteristics of various parts of the human body. It is very fine and can completely cover the range of the spindle body that should be corrected. Only 0 exists.

02 cm of the plastic gap.

  In China, most of the body shaping underwear is only sold in specialty stores, and professional body designers are tailor-made for you.

Of course, this is not really for you to make on-site, or according to your size, age, careful selection, guidance, let you buy a combination of underwear, and tracking services, recommend you, adjust when you reduce the sizeThe most suitable size combination.

How to cook pharmacy

How to cook pharmacy

After the beginning of autumn, many people are pondering to drink some soup to supplement the body.

However, Liu Yuning, chief physician of the First Affiliated Hospital of Peking University, reminded that the tonic drugs should be supplemented by syndromes and replaced under the guidance of doctors.

At the same time, you should learn how to take medicine before drinking medicine, especially the details of some medicines, which will affect the efficacy of medicine.

  It is not a matter of living habits when the volatile medicine is covered with the lid to cook the medicine. It is not a matter of living habits. Different medicines, the effect of opening the lid and covering the lid are really different.

Some volatile herbs, if open, the active ingredients will be released into the air with water vapor, and the efficacy will be greatly discounted.

Such volatile medicinal materials are easily identifiable, usually osmotic or aromatized wet drugs such as peppermint, sage, musk, etc., and the boiling time should not be too long.

Another example is some tonic drugs such as ginseng, velvet antler, and American ginseng. It needs to be slowly fried in a container for a long time to effectively and effectively boil it. It should also be covered to prevent the ingredients from slowing down.The sputum lost with water vapor.

  Some light-weight, bulky medicinal materials, such as money grass, senna, etc., if the peony container is not large enough, the cover is easy to make the liquid overflow.

In addition, some medicinal materials that are not easy to dissolve need to be stirred frequently when suffering. It is best not to cover them with one kind of medicine.

Of course, it is best to follow a direction quickly, so that the medicinal material is evenly heated, so that the active ingredients are completely dissolved, and the tumbling is generally repeated once every 10 minutes.

  The fake boiled medicine is a little bit better for a while. In the general impression, it is boiled, but some herbs, such as ginseng, Tianqi, achyranthes, licorice, and platycodon, will have a false boiling phenomenon.The drug begins to boil when the temperature does not reach 100 ° C. If the drug is taken off the fire at this time, the active ingredients in the drug are not dissolved, and the drug effect is hindered.

  Boiled medicine needs to use boiled water. Now people have some “lazy” medicine, and use tap water to use it directly.

In fact, the water of the peony can not save the trouble, or to use the boiled water to cool before use, because tap water in some places is mostly disinfected with chlorine, more or less residual, while the calcium and magnesium ions of the tap water are dissolved.It is easy to react with compounds in medicinal materials and affect the efficacy.