Can allergic purpura be cured?

What are the factors that influence the prognosis –

Can allergic purpura be cured?
What are the factors that influence the prognosis?

After getting allergic purpura, I believe that many people will take the initiative to understand the common sense of some diseases, and when they understand the repeatability and severity of the disease, they will worry about whether the disease can be cured.

So can allergic purpura be cured?

Let’s take a look at it.

Can allergic purpura be cured?

As long as patients with allergic purpura with skin manifestations can be cured, but because allergic purpura patients are allergic, some children may have repeated rashes, as long as the two consecutive?
Three years of recurrence of allergic purpura, parents are very painful.

Therefore, here, patients and parents should recognize that: 1, the recurrence of allergic purpura, mainly because the patient’s physical condition is relatively special, should try to avoid contact with factors that may induce recurrence of allergic purpura, do a good job of prevention.

2, the occurrence of allergic purpura is related to the patient’s own immune imbalance disorder. To avoid the disease or prevent recurrence, it is necessary to regulate the immune mechanism from the root cause and reduce the possibility of recurrence.

Whether patients with renal allergic purpura can be cured mainly by nephropathy, a small number of patients with renal allergic purpura, some in the acute phase of acute progressive nephritis or more serious nephrotic syndrome, can be converted to chronic nephritis, renal functionIf you decline, such a child will have a prolonged illness, and such a child must be actively treated.

Factors affecting the prognosis of allergic purpura: In addition to the severity of the onset of purpuric nephritis, there is a very important factor that can also affect the prognosis, that is, the care of the child during the recovery period of nephritis is thoughtful.

If the child often has various infections, often tired, allergies, it may lead to increased hematuria proteinuria, or new kidney damage, which may also cause impaired renal function and affect prognosis.