Warm winter, winter health

Warm winter, winter health

The winter health articles are just like the autumn winds in Yantai.

The winter in Yantai has quietly come to the summer wind. You vaguely remember that the winter wind has already roared. The small partners in the north may be accustomed to the small partners in the south.Staying in the warm sun in the south, no matter how north and south, how to spend the winter in Yantai is a problem we all face together. Let us talk about the winter health regimen today @云南的小阔爱”Yunnan is very different. After all, the latitude is so much different, and the difference in temperature is definitely big.

Before I came to feel that Yantai was north, it would be very cold. When I came here, I found it colder than I thought.

Although Yantai is close to the sea, I have not realized the impact of the sea on the climate, and the dam of the sea is not damaging to me, hahaha.

“@临沂’s Miss Sister” because they are all in Shandong, so I don’t feel much difference. I feel that the environment here is better. The biggest difference is that the wind is too big.

I feel that my preparation for winter is similar to that at home. I need to buy cotton jackets, cotton shoes, earmuffs, and warm clothing.

.I think it is best not to exercise every hour in the winter to pay attention to moisturizing, but also to thoroughly drink hot water to prevent cold and cold.

Yantai and Fujian are also coastal cities. The sea breeze in Yantai makes me feel that the sea in Fujian is a fake sea. When I was videotaping with my mother, she wore short sleeves to eat watermelon on the screen, and I was wearing cotton jacket wrapped in cotton here.Be.

I didn’t prepare for the winter here. I felt that the winter in the north was very dry. The sea breeze was uncomfortable. I don’t know much about what winter needs to pay attention to. I think the biggest problem is to keep warm.

– A small pot friend of Fujian said: “The body is the capital of the revolution.”

Only with a good body, can we learn hard and develop better, and we can usher in a better tomorrow!

01 three do not eat article 1.

In autumn and winter, pay attention to not eating cold things.

Iced drinks, oysters and other cold foods will stimulate the stomach, causing disharmony between the spleen and stomach, resulting in insufficient yang in the body and heavy moisture.


In autumn and winter, pay attention to eating less or not eating spicy things.

Barbecue, chili, ginger, pepper and other foods should be eaten as little as possible, especially ginger.

The ancient book has a cloud “within one year, the autumn does not eat ginger; within one day, the night does not eat ginger.”


In autumn and winter, many people have weak gastrointestinal functions. If you eat too much meat and greasy food, it is not good for your health.

Pay attention to heat and moistening, you can eat some duck meat, fish, yam, lily, etc., both to heat, but also tonic.

02 four do not make a fuss 1.

In autumn and winter, the bathing time should not be too long, otherwise the oil on the surface of some skin will be lost, and the skin will be more dry, which will cause wrinkles and dehydration.


Refuse to anaerobic in winter, it is suitable to do more aerobic exercise, such as hiking and walking Tai Chi.


In the autumn and winter, you should go to bed early and get up early, don’t stay up late.

Ensuring adequate sleep is important for human health.


Don’t be overly sad. “Because the autumn is sorrowful and lonely, everything is dying in autumn and winter.”

People will have sadness.

To learn to relax, to meet troubles, remember not to dig into the horns, everything has to be thought of.

03 five accompanying articles 1, friends with 2, tea with 3, books with 4, moving with 5, laughing with winter snow, just by wearing a few more clothes can not be well protected, only to keep warm, a lot of exercise canToo cold.

Let us keep warm together.

PART 01 eats a lot of high-quality foods, supplements should supplement calorie nutrients, such as oil, a small amount, protein, to improve the body’s tolerance to low temperature.
In particular, consider supplementing food supplements such as lean meat, chicken and duck, eggs, fish, milk, beans and their products.
PART 02 morning service hot porridge, dinner should be diet, to nourish the stomach.

When it’s cold, get up early in the morning and drink a bowl of hot porridge, which can help keep warm, increase your body’s ability to keep out the cold, and prevent colds.

For people with sore throat and inflamed pain, warm porridge can moisturize the throat and relieve discomfort.

PART 03 friends who are cold-handed in the winter will not hinder the action of “dry-cleaning hands”, that is, hands rub against each other, friction and heat, promote blood circulation and prevent cold.

PART 04 winter dress must have a certain number of pieces and a suitable thickness.

The down jacket has a certain thickness, and the pores of the wool fabric are not straight, which can bring a comfortable clothing microclimate.

Leather clothing can almost block the air convection inside the clothes, and wear leather when going out in winter to ensure the best warmth.

Dressing is not too tight.

The collar is tightened and the contracted blood vessels are compressed, so that the nutrients delivered to the brain and the eyes are reduced. The boots affect the vision and affect the normal activities of the cervical vertebrae, which easily leads to cervical spondylosis.

PART 05 insists on washing your feet with warm water every day. It is best to massage and stimulate your feet at the same time.

Walk for more than half an hour every day, activities and feet.

In the morning and evening, stick to your feet to improve blood circulation.

Content from: (Yantai University Journal) Editor: (Guan Fengjuan)