Rubbing your lips and irritating dermatitis, strength!

Rubbing your lips and irritating dermatitis, strength!

Normal people’s lips are rosy, moderately wet and dry, lubricated with light, and if it affects health because of fatigue, the lips will give you a signal in time.

After getting up in the morning, take a look at the lips called grooming and learn about your health!

  Lip color whitish: common in anemia and blood loss.

  The upper lip is pale and panic: there will be symptoms such as large intestine deficiency, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal cramps, chills, cold and heat.

  The lower lip is pale: for the stomach to be cold, there will be vomiting and diarrhea, cold in the stomach, stomach pain and so on.

  Lip color is reddish: mostly blood deficiency or qi and blood deficiency, to supplement nutrition.

  Lip color dark red: common in fever.

  Lip color is blue: blood is not smooth, susceptible to acute diseases, especially vascular lesions, such as vascular embolism, stroke and other acute diseases.

  Lip color black: lip color dark, mostly digestive system disease, such as constipation, diarrhea, lower abdomen pain, headache, insomnia, loss of appetite, etc.; if there are black plaques on the lips, pigmentation on the lips, common in chronicAdrenal insufficiency.

  Work, work or work, you often feel dry, especially when you work day, your lips are dry and dry, and applying a lot of lip balm will not help.

  Experts who lick their lips and are harmful to the skin say that rubbing your lips with your tongue during the dry season can cause two problems.

First, it will cause inflammation of the lips.

When you lick your lips with your tongue, you will leave saliva in your lips.

Saliva contains a variety of enzymes that help digestion. There are two enzymes, one called amylase and the other called maltase, which causes inflammation of the lips. This is because the two enzymes remaining on the lips are equal toDigest the skin.”

  Another consequence of licking the lips is the widespread irritant dermatitis, which is also caused by saliva.

Experts explained that in fact, unlike people’s imagination, licking your lips does not make your lips moist.

  Because when the lips are rubbed with the tongue, the water will evaporate, and when it evaporates, it will take away the moisture that is already tight in the lips, making the lips feel more dry.

Then there is the vicious circle that dries more and more, and the more dry and dry, and finally causes the consequences of eczema in the lips.

However, this “eczema” is not “wet” or “dry”, and the skin that becomes the corner of the mouth becomes rough and has a different color from the surrounding skin.

  Experts say that licking lips is not only harmful to the skin around the lips, but also unsightly in public.

The solution to the chapped lips is to use anti-cracking lip balm, and women can use moisturizing lip balm.

Use lipstick to prevent the moisture in the skin from spreading and evaporating. It can also protect your lips from the “indecent” of saliva when you subconsciously lick your lips.

  Lips are not good habits around the population and the lips will appear chapped, or a small amount of bleeding, medically known as angular cheilitis, lips are easy to chapped, most of them have the habit of loving lips.

In winter and spring, the climate is dry, the water in the lips evaporates, and the local humidity is reduced. When the cold air is encountered, the lips are easily cracked.

After a long time, it may cause complications such as chronic cheilitis.