[What contains the most collagen]

[What contains the most collagen]

For women, beauty and beauty foods and products have natural appeal, so a variety of beauty and beauty products have appeared on the market.

One of them is collagen.

In fact, in addition to certain collagen products, many foods can also provide a large amount of collagen for our body.

So, what contains the most collagen?

The first place must be pigskin.

The trotters and trotters are rich in collagen. Try to stew for more time when making trotters. This can also fully decompose the collagen in the trotters and allow the body to absorb them more easily.

Don’t underestimate a small piece of peanut, whether it is stewed or simply eaten raw, remember to eat it with peanut skin together.

The collagen contained in peanuts is in the skin of the peanuts. Eating raw peanuts every day and often stewing them is the best food to supplement collagen!

Crab In fact, crab meat does not contain much collagen, but the cream inside the crab is valuable.

Therefore, when choosing crabs, try to choose female crabs with cream. The more cream, the higher the collagen content.

Don’t waste the crab soup during steaming, because the crab’s collagen will also be lost in the crab soup during cooking.

Pigskin Pigskin is a treasure, but many people don’t know much about it, and the robe is ignored.

In fact, the pig’s skin contains more collagen than other ingredients. The method of pig’s skin is also very simple, that is, the pig’s skin is stewed to stick, the mouth is melted, and the collagen in the pig’s skin can be fully absorbed.

In addition to being rich in oil, the skin of chicken skin also contains collagen, and these collagens in chicken skin are more easily attracted and broken down by the body.

So when eating chicken skin, don’t pick it out and throw it away.

Deep-sea fish Deep-sea fish store extremely rich collagen. If you want to keep the content of deep-sea fish, it is best to do steaming so that collagen is not lost or destroyed.

And the fish skin is even more delicious!