[How to make coffee cream cake rolls]_Homemade coffee cream cake rolls

[How to make coffee cream cake rolls]_Home made coffee cream cake rolls_Coffee cream cake rolls Daquan_How to make coffee cream cake rolls

We must develop the habit of cooking and cooking so that we can prevent disease and promote health.

For everyone’s health, the following editor will talk about the practice of coffee cream cake rolls.


Isolate the yolk protein and store the protein in a refrigerator.

Mix ground coffee and water for later use and sieve low-gluten flour in advance.

The unsalted butter is melted in insulated water and kept at a temperature of about 40 degrees.

Egg yolk 20g cotton sugar, beat until thick, whitish, and bulky; then add the mixed viscous coffee liquid and stir well 2.

Take out the egg whites in the refrigerator, add 70g of cotton sugar at a time, and use a manual or electric egg beater to beat until smooth, white egg whites.

It takes about 3-5 minutes. After being picked up, it does not solidify on the eggbeater, but slowly falls from the eggbeater, leaving the texture formed in the pot unchanged3.

Add step 1 to step 2 and use a manual eggbeater to remove and mix twice (not stirring, but also irregularly mixing).

Sift the low-gluten flour and use a rubber spatula to mix evenly.

Then pour the melted fat on the spatula and quickly mix evenly6.

Pour into a baking sheet lined with baking paper, scrape it slightly, pat the bottom of the baking sheet once, put it in the lower layer of a preheated oven, 190 degrees, and I bake for 12 minutes.

Immediately after leaving the oven, leave the baking tray, put it on a wire rack to cool, and remove the baking paper 7.

The basic method of whipped cream, and then add coffee powder to set, it is suitable for spreading the hardness of the cake roll.

Spread the cream on the cake pieces. It can be rolled horizontally and vertically, but the starting cream must be full and thicker.

The cake pieces are rolled up, fixed with baking paper, and wrapped.

Add refrigerated for 30 minutes and then cut into pieces. Maybe you have never been to the kitchen, but after reading the introduction of coffee cream cake rolls, you definitely want to try it yourself.