[Can you eat persimmons just after pregnancy?

]_ Early pregnancy_ Can I eat

[Can you eat persimmons just after pregnancy?
]_ Early pregnancy_ Can I eat

People will eat a variety of fruits such as persimmons, delicious food, sometimes persimmon cakes, and mature persimmons can also be eaten directly.Contains carotene and riboflavin, as well as a variety of trace elements, can you eat persimmons when you are just pregnant?

Can I eat persimmons just after pregnancy?
Of course you can eat it. The hard raw persimmons need to be soaked in water for a week before they can be eaten, so they will not be astringent.

Soft persimmons are not the same as hard persimmons. Soft persimmons (red and red flat persimmons) are better for pregnant women.

Eating persimmons can wait for children to have better skin after birth, and also have a gastrointestinal conditioning effect.

Try to eat a variety of fruits during pregnancy, don’t worry about the heat and the coldness, just don’t burst out.

Persimmons have an astringent taste. If you eat too much, you will feel astringent and numb.

It can agglomerate when it meets acid, and it will precipitate after binding with protein.

Therefore, eating persimmons should be done until one meal is appropriate.

However, if you eat more persimmons in the early stages of pregnancy, it may cause diarrhea and affect weight, which may cause miscarriage, so it is recommended not to eat more.

Pregnant women can eat persimmons.

However, it should be noted that you can’t eat more than two per day, one is better; persimmons are cold, avoid eating on an empty stomach; avoid eating with crabs and pork.

Persimmons are good by themselves, but due to the special constitution of pregnant women, they should also be consumed in moderation.

The diet of early pregnant women expectant mothers in the first trimester are mainly damaged by pregnancy reaction and have a poor appetite.

At this stage, expectant mothers do not have to deliberately make themselves eat more, and worry about chicken, duck, and fish every day. It is better to choose more foods they like to increase appetite.

For greasy and appetizing foods, you don’t have to eat it.

Do not eat greasy, fried, spicy foods during pregnancy. Do not eat foods that are irritating and difficult to digest to prevent indigestion and constipation.

When eating, you should eat solid food and liquid food separately. After each meal, add one and drink water or soup.

Nutritional supplementation must be done after pregnancy. Many women know this, but it should be noted that in the early stages of pregnancy, because it is still very small and grows slowly, so the dose required by the body at this timeAnd nutrition is almost the same as before pregnancy, no need to supplement too much.

Starting a lot of supplements in the early stages of pregnancy tends to cause only pregnant women to gain weight too fast, which is basically too fat, and is not good for the fetus.

Pregnant mothers can eat whole wheat products, dairy products, fruits, lean meat, vegetables, dried fruits, etc. in moderation.

But should try to eat less spicy hot ingredients, exciting foods, sweets, ginseng, longan and other supplements, foods containing additives and so on.