Walking, freewheeling health trip

Walking, freewheeling health trip

As the saying goes: “Winter practice 39, summer practice three volts”, summer heat is sultry, the human body consumption is particularly large, the aging of various organs is more obvious than other seasons, the summer insists on exercise, the anti-aging effect will be more significant.

Experts believe that summer heat, necessary exercise is essential, but high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood pressure patients and their high-risk groups, we must choose a relaxed exercise, so that the body gradually adapt to the high consumption of high temperatures.

Walking this simple aerobic exercise is sought after by many people because it is not limited by time, environment, and better fitness.

  Walking – Freedom of the summer sports, more work, pressure, and young and middle-aged white-collar workers who like to stay up late, because walking is the sport they are most likely to engage in.

Compared to climbing, swimming, playing badminton and other sports, walking is not restricted by the venue, even in the spacious office, office lobby, community garden can start sports immediately; compared to the gym, walking is not restricted by the environment, in the commuteOn the way, take one or two stops and go to work on foot.

  Older people with three high-grade diseases are chasing the walk, because the scientific walk, without time limit, can avoid the hot summer days.

On a cool night and early morning, you can do it in the clean and community gardens.

The right amount of exercise will not cause any discomfort to them.

  Most importantly, the health benefits of simple walking are unmatched by other sports.

  Walking – an effective means of reducing fat for health Sports medicine practitioners have repeatedly told people the benefits of walking: for young and middle-aged people, continuous striding can increase energy consumption in the body and promote excess use in the body.

White-collar workers who have too much food and too much pressure and too much pressure can get the effect of losing weight and calm the blood pressure at the risk if they can walk and control their diet properly.

For the elderly, daily high blood pressure walking can significantly improve the nutrition of the heart, so that a series of anti-atherosclerotic substances are produced in the blood of the body, which reduces the possibility of cardiovascular disease.

  Experts in the summer ideal walking program pointed out that the summer walking exercise should be scientific, timely, appropriate and appropriate.

  Timely: In order to avoid excessive consumption and burning damage to the body by the athletes, it is best to avoid outdoor activities after 10 am to 4 pm when the weather is cool in the morning or evening.

  Moderate: The human body consumes too much in the summer and the physical reserves are relatively weak, so it advocates lightweight walking.

However, in order for adults to be effectively consumed, walking must achieve a certain level of exercise, otherwise it will be useless.

For the elderly, it is necessary to walk more than 60 steps per minute, and continuous walking must be more than 10 minutes. This kind of walking makes sense.

Young and middle-aged people should maintain a moderate intensity when walking, that is, they must walk at a walking intensity of more than 100 steps per minute for 20-30 minutes.

So how can you accurately and accurately understand whether you are walking effectively?

This requires re-aligning the walking management tools such as the Omron Pedometer to accurately monitor the walker’s exercise intensity and exercise time, effectively helping people manage their health.

  Appropriate: Try to get fresh air, let people watch the comfortable place to walk, such as parks, lakes, courtyards and other cool and ventilated places.

This way, when you walk, you will feel happy, and you will be willing to use the military as a healthy lifestyle.