[How to make the best soup for pigeons]_ making methods _ practice Daquan

[How to make the best soup for pigeons]_ making methods _ practice Daquan

We know that after surgery, a patient needs to eat some foods that are helpful for wound healing, and it is also necessary to improve the body’s immunity. Pigeon soup is one of the more nutritious foods, but how to make pigeon soup the best supplement?How about it?

The pigeon itself has very high nutrition, has the effect of nourishing yin and aphrodisiac, and usually has health-care effects. It can effectively prevent disease. You can add a few grams of gastrodiae to make the soup nutritious.

Modern medicine believes that: pigeon meat strengthens the kidney, vitality, brain and spirit, improves memory, lowers blood pressure, adjusts human blood sugar, beauty and beauty, white and delicate skin, and prolongs life.

Therefore, pigeons are very nutritious foods. They are both precious and delicious dishes, as well as high-level tonics. Drinking more pigeon soup has certain health effects and can take advantage of various diseases.

Pigeon soup is the best tonic that can nourish yin and yang, and is suitable for men and women. It also plays a good role in keeping children healthy.

How do pigeon soup stew the most nutritious?

Material: suckling pigeon; 1 gastrodia; 5 grams of ham; 10 grams of chives; 3 ginger; 1 small piece.

Seasoning: broth; 3 tablespoons cooking wine; 1 teaspoon refined salt; 1 teaspoon MSG; teaspoon.

Method: 1. Wash and kill the pigeons, add boiling water and simmer them; slice the ham; wash and tie the onions; wash and slice the ginger.

2. Put the pigeon, ham, gastrodia, broth, cooking wine, spring onion, ginger into the bowl, steam in the steamer for 2 hours, remove, remove the onion and ginger, add salt and MSG to serve.

Features: delicious taste, quench wind and cough.

Chinese wolfberry dove soup soup Chinese herbal medicine ingredients list: 5g white ginseng, 5g white peony, 5g codonopsis, 5g lentils, 10g wolfberry, 10g barley, 40g red dates, 25g yam, 5g lilies, 5g lotus seeds, 5g onions, 10g ginger, 10g salt.

Production method: 1. Wash all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines; slice onion and ginger for later use; wash fresh pigeons.

2. The whole pigeon is boiled in cold water (flying water) and removed after the blood is removed.

3. Flood the pigeons in the casserole, boil the onion ginger and various herbs and boil for another hour.

4, cooked with a small amount of salt to season, eat meat and soup after the pan is very delicious.

Production time: about 1.

5 hours.

Secret: The taste of wolfberry pigeon soup is very delicious. You don’t need to put a lot of seasonings when drinking, just a little salt.

Features of Tremella Chenpi Stewed Pigeon Pigeon: Fresh taste, nourishing yin and nourishing lungs.

Production method: 1. Wash and kill the young pigeons, chop them into pieces, put them in a boiling water pot and simmer for 2 minutes, rinse with water, and put them in a soup bowl.

2. Wash and cut the white fungus with water, add it to the boiling water pot, and put it into the soup bowl, then add water to the skin.

3. Set the pot on medium heat, boil the broth, add salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, stir into the soup bowl, steam in the basket drawer for 30 minutes on high heat until cooked.

Ingredients of yam pigeon soup: a pigeon, a yam section, black fungus 2?
3 quail eggs?

Ingredients: 3 red dates, dried wolfberry.

Seasoning: ginger flakes, shallots, cooking wine, salt, chicken essence.

Method: 1. Wash the pigeons, add in boiling water, add cooking wine, remove blood, remove and wash.

2. Add ginger slices, spring onion, wolfberry, red dates and simmer over low heat.

5 hours.
3, yam shaved skin, cut stick knife block, soaked black fungus, quail eggs are cooked like boiled eggs, peeled.

4. Prick with chopsticks. When it is crisp, add quail eggs and black fungus.

5. Stew on low heat for 20 minutes, add yam, and simmer until yam crisp, season with salt and chicken essence.