[Will you be pregnant with a condom]_Condom

[Will you be pregnant with a condom]_Condom

Many adults now have sex without marriage, but friends who are not married must take precautionary measures. In addition, this is to avoid accidental pregnancy and also to have a healthier sex life. In fact, many friends will choose contraceptive methods.Choosing to use a condom is also very convenient. There is no substitute for the body. Then, will a condom be pregnant?

In fact, the effectiveness of condom avoidance has only reached 85%, especially if some condoms with poor quality are used, they are likely to tear during use, which may easily lead to the possibility of pregnancy.

Can a specific condom be pregnant? You can read the analysis in this article.

The condom’s contraceptive principle is to stop sperm and egg combination.

In fact, after a small number of people used condoms, their wives were still pregnant.

The reasons are as follows: 1. Not used in time.

The correct usage is to wear it before sexual intercourse, but some people are about to wear it before ejaculation.

In this way, pregnancy is possible.

Because during sexual intercourse, there may be premature or unknowing ejaculation.

2. Improper use.

Before use, the air in the pouch before the sleeve should be squeezed out.

Some people do not do this. The pressure in the sac is too high after ejaculation, causing the capsular rupture, and the semen overflows into the vagina, causing contraception failure.

3. The penis did not exit in time.

After ejaculation, pinch the condom with your fingers before the penis softens and pull the penis out of the vagina.

Some people do not withdraw from the penis in time, the penis is weak and small, and the semen is poured into the vagina.

4. Condoms rupture.

If the condom is left for a long time, it will deteriorate, become brittle, or the fingernails, rings, etc. will scratch the condom, rupture the condom, and cause contraceptive failure.

The above is an introduction about whether you can get pregnant with a condom. When using a condom, you should avoid the factors described above, so that the failure of contraception will rarely occur. If you still get pregnant while wearing a condom,In fact, this will not cause adverse effects on the fetus, and everyone can safely give birth.