Play with a smile

Play with a smile

Facts have proved my psychological judgment. He has the best hardware. Harvard University has given him profound knowledge. He only needs to learn to open his lips and open his feet.

When a stage appears in front of him, he can adapt to the process of going to the center, and during this time he can dance his hands to the people.

For him, as long as you find the exit you release, it is not difficult to do this!

  ● Smile: Give play to the appeal of the mind. “Please practice smiling in the mirror first. This is very important to you. It is the homework you should do every day.

“Banbel should start with a smile. This is an introductory training to change the color of the gas field. A person who does not smile, his gas field is always cold.”

“Do you want to go from morning till night?

Dr. Phil, I am not used to deliberately embarrassing myself, it is like torture!

“Banbel was not happy at first. He thought that making him excellent is a kind of coercion, and keeping the status quo is a natural safety. God allows him to live reluctantly. He can live all the time, even the Supreme Court of the United States.Why not.

  Really a stubborn guy!

I was almost annoyed, just like the statue of a bull on Wall Street, I saw a man who was self-deprecating because of the stock market crash. His gas field is weird green, and it smells stinking and makes people sick.
However, since he came here, he has proved that he is still interested in changing himself. He is only hesitating, and he wants to stay in the process of observation. I need to push him to help him to inner desire.Start up.

  ”So, please try it for two days, Banbel, this is not torture. How do we call it an appointment?”

It is a game.

If you find that this has not changed your life, you can give it up immediately, and you don’t need to come back here, you don’t have to inform me, still do what you like to do, forget this place, what do you think?

“Banbel thought about it. My suggestion was very human. I thought about him everywhere, so he agreed.”

Two days later, as our work has been creating, miracles have happened again.

Banbel called and first confessed to me: “I’m sorry, Dr. Phil, I am ashamed of my stupid ignorance a few days ago, I express to you the most sincere remorse!

I promise that tomorrow will appear in your class on time. Please tell me a few classes now?

The next day, when he was about to play the antique “3 Seconds Stranger” game, he came dressed with a smile and a smile on his body.

This kind of smile makes me familiar. It is the unskilled and sincere smile. It is the color of his heart. He began to try to integrate into the mainstream gas field and release his inner inner appeal.

  Banbel said: “When I started to smile, you know, I immediately became the center. I was greeting me in the mirror. It was a landscape that I had not seen for many years. I used to see indifference and indifference.

When I walked to the campus, everyone began to pay attention to me and watched my every move. What a big surprise!

Because I have been living in an obscure inferiority before.

When the change came, although there was some discomfort at first, I quickly decided that I had to move forward bravely. I have tasted the sweetness of smiling!

So Dr. Phil, I want to ask, can I still be better?

I think you can let me do it.

“The power of the soul is endless. As long as you are willing to smile, anyone can be infected by you.

Banball’s magical experience has become an uncompromising performance with only a powerful shock. This big boy who has lived in the shadows for more than 20 years, with his own efforts, every day for the next monthGive unexpected shocks and revelations!

  Two strangers vying for the game of attention, his results are not ideal, the gas field is weak, and the image is ordinary and uncompetitive in front of other boys.

For example, for the first time, he only got the ninth place. No girl chose him within 3 seconds. He seemed to just go up and make up the number. He didn’t say a word. After sitting for 3 seconds, he owed his ass back to the preparation room.
The second time he barely got a girl’s vote, and he received an encouraging praise, so someone looked at him, but he still fell into the name of Sun Mountain, disappointed to step down, and should wear it when he chose the third attempt in the preparation room.clothes.

We have prepared six different costumes for each player. These costumes can be determined by the players, or they can be randomly prepared to test the player’s ability to package themselves.

In the case of clothing, the player has six chances to try each time!

  ”Congratulations, this is a valuable vote.

“I comfort him.

Originally thought that he must be dejected again to retreat, re-drilling back to the turtle shell, who knows that Banball smiled unconsciously and said: “This is the result I expected.

I missed too much homework. It’s not easy for me to attract people’s attention in such a short time, but I will definitely stick to it!

“I think it was the existence of the colony that made him burst out of amazing willpower.”Failure always provokes human blood, especially in the face of the opposite sex. It is a stimulating meaning for a man to be picked up by a woman on the stage. This is the success of this game!

We capture the most vulnerable parts of a person’s heart to fight and test, thus activating their deepest desire for charm!

  At that moment, I also saw a clear goal in Banball: “I want to be a star in the crowd and prove that I can be a mature and attractive man like Tom Hanks!”

He began to accelerate the sprint, and he must fight for a result. This is a good phenomenon, which proves that we have succeeded.