[Will the same room be pregnant ten days before menstrual cramps]_Pregnancy

[Will the same room be pregnant ten days before menstrual cramps]_Pregnancy

Many people do not like to love with a condom, because they always feel that when they are in the safe with their condom, it feels like a tickling sensation, and there is no way to make their penis sprint in the vagina.

And some people like to share a room ten days before the menstrual period.

But when I was in the same room ten days before the menstrual period, I was worried again.

I’m worried about getting pregnant.

Will the same room be pregnant ten days before menstrual cramps?

Ten days before menstrual cramps, if they do not have adulterated condoms, they will actually become pregnant.

If the condom does not rupture, and there is no semen and there is no overlap in the condom, it will not be pregnant. If you are not sure, the woman who has this condition is best, you can take a test pregnancy test or go to the hospital to replace it after two weeks.

We know that in fact, if you do not take contraceptive measures during sexual life, you generally have a chance to get pregnant, even if it is safe.

Please relax and observe if your menstruation is returning.

If there is no tide over one to ten days of menstruation, it is recommended to have a B-ultrasound, urine test, or blood HCG test to determine if you are pregnant. If you do not want your baby, pay attention to contraceptive measures. If you want your baby, you can have the same room on the next few days.
Or combined with ovulation test strips to determine the best time for intercourse.

Once you have symptoms of pregnancy, and you plan to have children later, then it is pregnant.

At this time, if the pregnant woman always eats vegetarian food casually, and when she does not eat fast food for weight loss, often the patient will have different levels of taurine deficiency.

It is often stressful and requires eating amaranth.