Health knowledge that everyone should know

Health knowledge that everyone should know


Brewing at home is very dangerous.

One is wine and the other is a so-called fruit enzyme.

It usually turns into a bottle of medium mixed with endotoxin and various bacteria.


Natural vitamins are no better than synthetic vitamins.

If you add vitamins, the pharmacy is enough for two yuan and one hundred.


It is useless to make up the body and only drink soup.

Many people like to stew a variety of soups, I think the soup is very tonic, in fact, the main nutrients are still in the meat, want to nutrition, must eat soup, in addition, bone soup can not make calcium, which is all aunt.


After the injury, do not apply any powdery things to the wound.


Try not to rely on emergency contraception for contraception.

Eating too much has a great impact on the body.


Living in hotels and the like is generally not infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

The pathogen of sexually transmitted diseases is very fragile and will quickly deactivate after leaving the body.


Antibiotics must be used in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

Bacterial infectivity occurs because bacteria cannot be completely killed by antibiotics, and the remaining part of the bacteria leads to an alternative dominant species.


Soymilk does not replace milk.

More beneficial is milk.

Some people have lactose intolerance and can choose yogurt.


It is very important to inject a rabies vaccine after being bitten.

The lethal rate of rabies is almost 100%, and an effective preventive measure is vaccination.


The flu vaccine is safe and effective, and it is best for the elderly and children to get vaccinated on time.


Ear piercing must be careful.

People with scars are advised not to fight. Once an infection occurs, it is likely to become a chronic infection that follows your life.